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In which i introduce Boozy Mom

Funny Girl

So one day I got an email from a woman who wanted me to look at her videos.  I totally ignored it.  Then she sent me another email asking if I had looked at them.  I told her “no” and replied that I’m a crap person and rarely do that.  Then she said “she totally understood” so I felt bad and watched a video.  Guess what? It was pretty funny so I watched another one.  Then I told her “what the hell” and said she could send me a video and a little intro and I’d put it up.

She did.  I totally forgot about it but then I remembered so here she is: Boozy Mom!!

Here’s her intro:

What do you get when you take a single mom, add some harsh realities, a few kids, and a penchant for wine?


Boozy Mom.


A comedic web series about a perfectly-imperfect gal trying her best and pretty much failing miserably. She may not be the Greatest Mom in the World(tm), but she loves her kids — even as she struggles to get them out of the house as functional adults (and without messing them up too badly.)


If you’ve been scouring network sitcoms for everyday “kinda shitty” moms to relate to and coming up dry, then Boozy Mom is for you. She’s not the perfect sitcom mom, but she’s also not the “We-Gotta-Get-Her-In-Rehab-Real-Quick” kind of mom either. She’s somewhere in the hazy middle ground, and we’re pretty sure you’ll be able to relate to a few of her dilemmas. She’s the mom that gets to say all the things you wish you could say but can’t due to… oh I don’t know, social norms, human decency… those kinds of things. So if Boozy Mom sounds like the kind of mom you’ve been waiting to see on TV, check out the first episode below. We have a feeling you’ll end up cheering for her in the end. Welcome to Boozy Mom!!

NOTE FROM LYNN: ok, so she sent me this entire “embed” thing which I have no idea how to do so here’s the link to the video.  Just press on it below, ok???

Check out to watch all the episodes (there’s 5!!)


And follow our other sites:

All the best, and again thank you so much for posting about our show!!!
Amy Bloom
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  1. Elizabeth
    April 22, 2014

    Well – that was funny. Tell her she has a new fan LMAO
    I’ll probably spend all day looking at all of the episodes.

  2. Julie
    April 22, 2014

    OMG ~ a sister I never knew I had! Thanks for starting my morning off with a laugh.

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