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About depression and Robin Williams

In memoriam

So I’m sure you know that Robin Williams died yesterday. Although I wasn’t a huge fan of his, I certainly loved him in many of his roles. He had all the hallmarks of a manic/depressive. In fact, I’m pretty sure that many comedians do. When they’re manic they’re incredibly funny and creative and outrageous but when they’re down they’re really, really down.


I hope that his death finally makes people realize that depression is a deadly disease. People who don’t get depressed seem to have a “snap out of it” mentality like depressed people choose to be that way.


When you’re depressed you look at the world through hazy goggles that color your view of the world and yourself. For some people, death seems to be the only way out of the extreme pain they feel.


I’ve been depressed although never as depressed as that so I can only imagine how it would feel to actually choose to kill yourself as a way out. I can’t imagine the depths of depression that he, and many others, must have felt.


My point is that if you know someone depressed, don’t belittle it. If you yourself are depressed please seek help. I have been in therapy for 28 years and I go every week: EVERY SINGLE WEEK.


Because of this I have been able to work through all sorts of issues, moods and life situations that many people have to face alone. I was lucky because I had the resources to do so. However, even with resources some people can’t handle life.


Please look around and see what you can do to help someone in need. While you can’t fix other peoples problems you can hopefully be cognizant of what they’re going through and maybe not create more.


There’s nothing more annoying than people telling you in a condescending tone “you have everything going for you and therefore nothing to be depressed about.” It doesn’t work like that.


Depression isn’t rational.


Depression isn’t a choice.


Depression lies.


Depression kills.


I just wanted to spout my two cents.


Good luck and I hope that Robin Williams is finally at peace.


Lynn MacDonald

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  1. Julie
    August 13, 2014

    As usual, well done.

    • Lynn
      August 13, 2014

      why thanks! I really don’t consider myself much of a writer you know

  2. Cat
    August 13, 2014

    Very true. Awfully, devastatingly so.

  3. Katy Bug
    August 16, 2014

    So true! Depression is not a choice any more than cancer or diabetes is a choice. It is a malfunction in the brain that causes an imbalance of mood regulating chemicals. You wouldn’t tell someone with cancer or diabetes to “snap out of it.” Why say that to someone with depression?

    Anyway, I normally don’t get that upset over celebrity deaths – death is sad, but I don’t personally know these people – but I am just so sad about Robin Williams. I was a 90s kid and I grew up watching Aladdin and Mrs. Doubtfire and all the rest of his movies. He’s always been one of my favorite actors and made me laugh a lot. The thought that he was struggling so deeply with a funky brain chemistry that wouldn’t let him partake in the happiness he gave to others breaks my heart. I can only hope that good can come out of the tragedy. Here’s hoping more people will come forward like you did to say “I understand what it’s like. Get help if you need it and, if you don’t need that help, don’t judge those who do.”
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  5. Jpaul
    September 3, 2014

    Such a beautiful writeup. I’ve been thinking about this too. It is a very much curable problem but we need to open to someone about it. If we decide to keep it to ourselves it’s not gonna help.

    • Lynn
      September 5, 2014


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