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In which we invent Chainmail Stomp


Have you ever been in a really strange, totally off the wall conversation and wondered how you got there? It happens to me when I’m with my friend Robin all the time.  We have a tendency to wander from the start point until we’re dying laughing about something so absurd that you have to wonder, how did I get here.


Case in point:


We were out to lunch and we had decided to make a workout video ala “Prancercise” about people wearing Chainmail and Knight’s armor and doing “stomp” like in “I’m gonna stomp the yard.


Robin looked at me and said, “How did we get on this conversation?”  I looked at her and I seriously was like “I have no idea so let’s back it out and see” which we did and it was unbelievable.  So unbelievable in fact that I’ve decided to share it with you.

Daniel called and asked for insurance information.  I asked why he needed it and he said he “dislocated his toe” and was going to Urgent Care.

Daniel called and said “he didn’t need surgery” (WHAT???) but that he needed to have another X-ray in a few days just to make sure. (WHAT??)

I called my friend Dan, an Orthopedic Surgeon, to explain the situation and Dan said “send me the X-ray”

I called Daniel and said, “Send me the X-ray” and then I forwarded it to Dan who said that it looked lined up and he’d X-ray him again in a week (during Fall break when Daniel is home) and to keep it taped and wear a boot.

 At this point Robin told me “that I needed my own X-Ray machine since I’m always bugging Dan”

At which point I pointed out that “even if I had my own machine I don’t know how to READ X-rays”

… and she said I could go back to school now that I was an empty nester and become an X-ray tech

 … at which point I said I would have to wear one of those big lead vests all the time

…and therefore I’d probably lose weigh… and wouldn’t that be a great idea for an exercise class.  Everyone wearing those huge lead vests and working out.  I bet people would sweat off a ton of pounds.

Then we cracked up and I pointed out it could go viral like “prancercise” which she had NEVER heard of so I showed her (NOTE TO READERS: you have GOT to check it out … it’s fucking hilarious)

Then I pointed out that a Knights outfit would be EVEN HEAVIER and how awesome would that be for weight loss right?

Then I realized that it would also be incredibly loud so we should probably STOMP THE YARD in chainmail and full Knights gear and that would be an incredible workout trend.

Then we wondered where you actually got real knights gear since there really aren’t knights around anymore

Then we visualized ourselves directing a video while lifting the eye guards up while talking and then letting them down.

 Then Robin said to me, “how did we even get on this conversation” and that’s pretty much where this post started.

So the point is that 1) we always end up in weird conversations and 2) we’re going to start a new exercise trend called “Chainmail Stomp” which 3) you’ll lose a ton of weight while doing except that 4) I don’t know where to get a full Knight’s suit so 5) I might need some help with that.


OK? So if you guys have some clues on the armor I’d appreciate it.  Video coming as soon as I have it.

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  1. Lady de la Warre
    October 23, 2013

    Armour is easy:

    And here’s the Google results:

    So as you can see, it’s all over the place ;-)

    Have fun!

    P.S. I read your blog daily and have been for some time. However this is my first comment on here.

    • Lynn
      October 23, 2013

      Thanks…I’m out of town but I will check it out

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