This blog is not for the light-hearted or easily offended. If either one of those descriptions applies to you, i would suggest you start drinking before you read this blog. A sense of humor is suggested. If you don't have one that sucks for you … find one and get a life!

Go Ahead, Amuse Me

Go ahead, amuse me Allegra

      Today’s guest on Go ahead, amuse me is Allegra Newman and here’s what she had to say about herself: I juggle way more than is probably good for me. In addition to […]

May, 03

Go ahead, amuse me Tracy

  Today’s guest on Go ahead, amuse me is Trace from I’ll be out in a minute. Here’s here intro: Enter stage left, applause, wave, begin intro:  Hi!  I’m Tracy Fulks, and I write a blog […]

Apr, 26

Go ahead, amuse me Melanie

Hi, my name is Melanie. I write a blog over at Sporkgasm. I am really honored to be guest blogging over here at All Fooked Up. I am a brand new baby blogger. My writing […]

Apr, 19

Go ahead, amuse me Heather

  Today’s guest on Go Ahead, Amuse me is Heather Dugdale who is the author of the blog Recovering Working Mom where she chronicles her life with kids and shares her humorous insights about learning how to be a mom and trying to have easy family fun.  Please go […]

Apr, 12

Go ahead, amuse me Julie

  Hello and welcome to Go ahead, amuse me.  Today’s guest is Julie of Sober Julie Doing Life.  Here’s her intro she wrote: With 15yrs invested in a high-paced corporate career, Julie’s life changed drastically […]

Apr, 05

Go ahead, amuse me Dani

  Today’s guest on Go Ahead, amuse me is Dani of “The Girlfriend Mom.”  Here’s what she had to say about herself! Dani’s first headshot was her mugshot, taken after getting arrested for tagging in […]

Mar, 29

Go ahead, amuse me Jodi

  Today’s guest on Go ahead, amuse me is Jody Brettkelly.  Jody, 49, was a journalist in London for 15 years working for The Times, Mail on Sunday and London Evening Standard. Her assignments included […]

Mar, 22
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