This blog is not for the light-hearted or easily offended. If either one of those descriptions applies to you, i would suggest you start drinking before you read this blog. A sense of humor is suggested. If you don't have one that sucks for you … find one and get a life!

Just Lynn

In which you can feel free to unsubscribe

Last week I wrote a blog post with a few of my opinions sharing my disgust with the Republican Debate and candidates. I probably lost a few readers but one left me a comment, which […]

Oct, 01

In which i’m still here

Gosh. I haven’t written a post in forever … have you noticed? My fish have; it think they’re depressed. Not because they actually READ the posts but I think they like me to come into […]

Sep, 24

In which i have a political opinion

So last night I watched, because I must be masochistic, the Republican Debate Parts I and II. Basically, I was appalled that any of these people could be president so although I suppose I will […]

Sep, 18

In which i sold a painting

It seems that I get slacker and slacker on this site, which is why it’s ironic that I’ve agreed to help a friend on her site. I was reading something the other day talking about […]

Sep, 14

In which i had a book tale

Hello people. So I meant to write a post before I went to LA but I never got around to it and then I meant to write a post while I was in LA but […]

Sep, 10

In which the colors of my paintings were off

As you know, or you would know if you’ve been reading this blog, I paint. Two weeks ago I had the paintings professionally photographed and it was pretty exciting.   While I was in NYC […]

Sep, 02

In which we went the 9/11 Memorial

ugh…Andie is the worst and she’s leaning against me really, really badly so if I can’t type then you know who to blame. By the way, we are up in Maine. You see, I left […]

Aug, 26
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