This blog is not for the light-hearted or easily offended. If either one of those descriptions applies to you, i would suggest you start drinking before you read this blog. A sense of humor is suggested. If you don't have one that sucks for you … find one and get a life!

Just Lynn

In which i am a multi-hyphenate now

Today in spinning our instructor, Julie, started dividing us into Group 1 and Group 2.  Sometimes she does this so we can race or just pass each other (not really pass each other as the […]

Apr, 21

In which i visited the Friends Home

Today I just went to “The Friends Home” which is a retirement community, to have lunch with someone who once worked for my dad.  You see, a while ago, I was informed that a mutual […]

Apr, 17

In which i discuss wallowing — repost

OMG! Totally forgot to write a new post for today so here’s an oldie.  Of course I didn’t proof it so it’s probably awful.  Oh well! I wasn’t planning on writing this post today but […]

Apr, 16

In which i cooked for Passover

Well, I’ve just spent the last two days cooking.  I suppose that I should say that I’ve spent the last few days eating since it’s impossible for me to cook without a ton of eating.  […]

Apr, 15

In which they lost a screw

This morning, before the spin class that I was in began, the instructor held up a screw (a hex screw to be exact) and explained that somebody had obviously lost a screw from the bottom […]

Apr, 14

You’re welcome …

The state of Florida is bigger than England The flying fox of Africa has a wingspan of fifty inches Flamingos can only eat with their heads upside down A butterfly has its taste receptors in […]

Apr, 11

In which it’s National Distracted Drivers Month

As I was on the way to work out this morning I was listening to the radio and discovered that it’s National Driving Distracted Awareness month, or something like that.  It could be National Distracted […]

Apr, 10
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