This blog is not for the light-hearted or easily offended. If either one of those descriptions applies to you, i would suggest you start drinking before you read this blog. A sense of humor is suggested. If you don't have one that sucks for you … find one and get a life!

Just Lynn

In which i have an opinion

I don’t usually write opinion pieces on this blog, mostly because I don’t feel like dealing with the bullshit that comes with opinion pieces.   Also because I’m not a person that usually feels the […]

Jun, 30

In which i update you

So I realize that I wrote a post on Monday (sort of … I mean I actually wrote that eulogy in 1998 so does that really count as a new post?) and then I never […]

Jun, 25

In which the painters are here

Hey peeps! What’s going on? I have a lot of activity around here. You see I have a party coming up and whenever I have a party coming up its incentive to get the house […]

Jun, 17

In which she is hella good at the canoe

I thought this was amusing so I’m going to share this conversation I had with Andie the other day with you.   Andie, who is in her second year of medical school, is in the […]

Jun, 08

In which i think people are getting ruder

Is it just me or are people ruder than they used to be?   That’s not a rhetorical question; it’s a real one.   Case in point:   I was in spinning and in the […]

Jun, 05

In which my computer was on the fritz

Guys, I bet you wondered if I had quit blogging. Well not exactly. You see, first my computer went on the fritz.   And by that I mean that for some reason, EVERY SINGLE PICTURE […]

Jun, 02

In which i’m an idiot

I’m such an idiot. Here’s why.   So we have these two couches in our living room and I really like them but they have feathers in them. That’s not why I’m an idiot though. […]

May, 22
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