This blog is not for the light-hearted or easily offended. If either one of those descriptions applies to you, i would suggest you start drinking before you read this blog. A sense of humor is suggested. If you don't have one that sucks for you … find one and get a life!

Lynn’s family

In which my baby is graduating

Guys, I think I’m going insane. You see, because of ALL this art stuff I had to open a new checking account. Then I had to get a new Credit Card for my new checking […]

May, 10

In which i did the market

Guys! It’s been 12 days since my last blog post. I’m basically NOT EVEN A BLOGGER anymore but I’m going to make an effort to improve. Well, at least that’s what I say today.   […]

Apr, 26

In which i moved my paintings in

Guys! I know I haven’t written in forever but I’ve been busy so stop the hating!!! Just kidding. It’s ok if you hate me.     So, hmmmm, what’s been going on? Let me just […]

Apr, 11

In which i’ve been kinda busy

Sorry, sorry, sorry. Now that I’m at the computer I totally don’t remember what I was going to write about. I’ve been pretty busy. Bet you’re’ curious huh?   First I was out of town. […]

Jan, 19

In which their WiFi is killer

Hey guys! Bet you’re wondering what I’ve been up to. You haven’t? Then why are you even reading this blog?   Things that have been going on:   I have been getting so many robocalls […]

Jan, 13

In which we were Tokyo Drifting

Well, well, well I suppose that I’m quite the slacker. After all, I did promise to get back to you about the trip but I haven’t.   You know why??   Shockingly enough, its because […]

Jan, 06

In which she’s a lemon

Can I just say that there’s nothing more annoying then someone asking you to fax in a document and after multiple unsuccessful efforts you call them and they tell you that their fax machine is […]

Nov, 16
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