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Costa Rica Day two

Ok, more of the same style of me just writing all this shit down.  That’s because I’m not on my computer.  No complete sentences.



Day two … Zip line

Instructions from Ben

He’s the owner concierge

He says “just go down the road and you’ll see it”

Where’s the place? Are we lost?

Shit, I gotta call Ben

International call (of course)

WTF Ben?

Almost there Lynn”

Success, we found the zipline place!

Wow…pretty crowded zipljne group

Into the bus

Up the hill

Errr, this is a pretty big hill

Harnesses,helmets, pictures

Wow we look awesome

Start walking up trail

I stop to look at the sloth

I fall…


On my camera


Shit we haven’t even started and I’m banged up

Oh there’s a poisonous frog

Joy!! Don’t touch (as if …)

First zipljne

Lots of crying little kids

Great, all of the guides are taking the kids

What about us adults!??


I do it

Fuck, vagus nerve problem …

Gotta sit down…

How many more!?

What? 11 more? MEDIC!!!

Get me an airlift

I make it … Kinda

Twice I didn’t reach the platform,

I had to turn around and hand over hand

Oh my arms

Shit this is hard

Spider monkeys

Other brown monkeys

I’m too old for this

Are we done?

Keely and Andie

Keely and Andie

I’ll never make rappelling

Holy shit!!

I’m gonna die!

Wow. Thanks for the watermelon

That’s what the grand prize is?

Oh! Pineapple too!

I’m exhausted

I’m too old for this shit

It’s Christmas Eve

I need a drink

Out to dinner

That means we’re taking our lives in our hands as we are heading down the cliff for dinner

No drinking for Kevin cuz somebody has to drive

That was a long and exhausting day

I guess I’m not the gal I thought I was

Shit I’m old

And sore

Merry Christmas guys

See ya

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