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Day one in Costa Rica

Hey peeps. So here I am again approximately a week and a half later.  Not my fault. I blame my kids.  They’re needy. I can’t possibly recap all of Costa Rica so I will just do the basics.


First the house:

It was extra ordinary

But poorly designed

Keely had the largest bedroom. Don’t ask

It could have slept 15

Only one king bed though

It had some major cockroach type pets in it

Keely feared for her life

And yet eventually befriended them

Our room was great

Not quite as big as Keely’s (ironic huh) but perfect

Andie’s room was nice but …

Andie had to go to the hallway bathroom

I mean when she HAD to go to the bathroom

Where she encountered a massive spider

She died…and screamed

Actually, she must have screamed first

Kevin rescued her

Andie was not happy

But she survived … the bugs that is

Daniel had quarters downstairs

Also a bathroom accessed by walking outside

Which meant bugs

Lots and lots of bugs

He referred to his room as the military outpost

In summary: My kids are divas

We met Brutus … A 7 inch grasshopper type creature


And his wife

And their 2100 larvae this according to Keely

That was good

Until we had a million ants in our food

That wasn’t good

Toss that food out and start over again

Which meant another trip down the death-defying hill

But … Next time all food in the fridgie

We hung by the pool

That was amazing

It was an Infinity pool

Here’s the view:

Costa Rica pool

Day one complete

Andie on verge of major bug breakdown


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  1. Rich D
    January 7, 2014

    At least those bugs were big enough to see and avoid. My worst experience with the buggers was sand gnats on the southeastern seaboard while waiting for a ferry to escape an island. One lady there really thought she would lose her mind with hundreds of the biting critters crawling on her scalp. Maybe they were attracted to hairspray?

    • Lynn
      January 7, 2014

      oh yuck. that’s disgusting. Well the ants that got in the food weren’t so great. I ended up eating a great deal of them

  2. Julie
    January 7, 2014

    Holy Shit ~ that view could make me overlook the bugs. Absolutely beautiful.

    • Lynn
      January 7, 2014

      yeah, the pool and the view were amazing

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