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Fishpocalypse 2: the sequel



(written last Friday … sue me)

Unbelievable.  That’s what it is.  First of all, after a splendid trip home it took me 45 fucking minutes to get my luggage at the Greensboro Airport. 45 MINUTES!  Seriously, this is Greensboro, North Carolina and there were maybe 40 people on my plane.


People were calling and complaining to American and finally the luggage was delivered.  I truly think that someone forgot to drive the little luggage cart up to the belt.  Finally I got my stuff and my car and I drove home.


I called Kevin (who was in Texas) to see if we had enough milk for my coffee in the morning and he assured me that we did.  So I sped home and since Butterscotch and Tucker were still at the vets (they were already closed) it was just me.  Well, just me and Hercules and Gilgamesh.


I walk into my office and HOLY SHIT! It’s fishpocalypse 2: the sequel.  Seriously, the tank looked awful and was kind of orange and really, really cloudy.  I couldn’t call Andie to help so I had to hop to it.


Since I had just flown across the country, I wasn’t in the mood for a full fish tank change to I removed about half the water and put in some clean water.  Sounds ok right?


Well, this morning when I got up the tank looks awful again and I’m next to it thinking that now I’ll have to do the whole shebang, which is truly a pain in the ass.  It involves temporary housing for Gil and Herc (in Tupperware) and then emptying enough water to actually be able to carry the tank into the kitchen and then pouring out the water (without washing stones down the disposal) and refilling it and washing it and putting the plants back in and putting the fish back in and typing the longest sentence ever.


I changed the filter yesterday so I’m a bit annoyed.


NOT ONLY THAT.  When I went to make the coffee this morning there was NO MILK because apparently, Andie came home over the weekend and DRANK IT ALL.  That’s why I had to start my day with no coffee.


So, recap: shitty luggage retrieval, FISHPOCALYPSE, no coffee.



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  1. Jester Queen
    September 10, 2013

    Your fish are resilient buggers are they not? And UGH to the driver who forgot. UGH I say

    • Lynn
      September 10, 2013

      I know…it took forever. Fish are all good now though, changed the tank out.

  2. Theresa
    September 10, 2013

    You curse Andie for the milk?? AND NOT CLEANING OUT THE DAMN FISH TANK WHILE SHE WAS HOME???? Those fish are amazing. Mine would have been dead long ago! Welcome home!

    • Lynn
      September 10, 2013

      it was clean when she was home…it was that stupid food pellet that messed it up afterwards

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