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Happy Birthday Daniel


Daniel is 21 years old today. I thought about writing a smaltzy little post about how much I love him and how far he’s come but instead I thought I’d just write some bulletin points about Daniel … You know, just in case he ever reads it! Hahahaha

Daniel was by far my biggest baby but also the easiest birth
He spent his first 6 years with infected ears
He once told me “you being mean to little boys at the beach mommy!”
I love that line
Mostly because I made him eat his hot dog
That’s why he said it
Daniel got kicked out of preschool
He got diagnosed as having Aspergers
He was the least flexible child I’ve ever been around
3/4 of the photos of him as a child he was scowling
But the other 1/4 was beautific
Getting kicked out of preschool was the best thing to happen
Because then we started early
Lots and lots of therapy
It helped
Although it took years and years
He’s the sweetest kid in the world
And caring
And sympathetic
And empathetic
He’s amazing at dealing with moody girls
Cuz of his sisters
He has a great sense of humor
He’s fun to be with
He knows sports
He rocks at video games
He abounds with inside jokes
He’s currently in Switzerland
Poor kid
His dad and I miss him
But wish him well
And can’t wait to see where this amazing child will end up
He took a lot of work
But it was well worth it
Happy birthday Daniel!!




We wouldn’t be our family without you

Mom … And I think I can speak for him … Dad

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  1. Cynthia K
    August 11, 2014

    Happy birthday, Daniel!

  2. Julie
    August 11, 2014

    Beautiful picture of your kids. Happy Birthday, Daniel.

    • Lynn
      August 12, 2014


  3. NATurally Inappropriate
    August 11, 2014

    My own angel just recently turned 21. It was a sort of bittersweet moment for me. My ‘baby’ is just 19, but that one will be even harder, I think. I will admit, though, that having both out on their own makes life pretty sweet right now. :)

    • Lynn
      August 12, 2014

      yeah, it’s both good and bad :)))

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