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How i came to be with Brown — repost

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I don’t know if you know this but every time anybody in my family sees a UPS truck they say to me “you still with Brown?” and of course, I am and here’s why: (this is a repost)


To begin the story on how I came to be with “Brown” aka United Parcel Service (UPS), I need to give you a little history here. Kevin (my husband) has a strange hobby. You see, he loves to spend hours perusing the J. Crew catalog. Once he’s found his mark, he’s good to go. It’s all about mail order. I’m convinced that he just likes ordering and returning items via UPS. So in any given week, we could have at least one item coming or being returned to J. Crew. I’d like to say that he’s one of their best customers but that would insinuate that he actually KEEPS something. Nope. He likes to open the box, try the stuff on, listen to me tell him I like it, then pack it back up and return it because I’m pretty sure he’s really a teen-age girl.

At any rate, because of this habit I have gotten to know the UPS guys in both my old neighborhood and my new one pretty well. If you got packages as often as we do, you too would be besties with your delivery guys. So last year, I was on my way to the gym and see a broken down UPS truck right in front. I didn’t know this particular delivery guy but by the time I was getting my stuff out of the car, a little Volkswagon bug had pulled up and out popped my delivery guy.

I said hello and asked him what was going on. He said the truck had broken down and there was one package left to be delivered so they had sent him to pick up the package from the truck to get it to its proper destination. It was now 8:10 am and it had to be there by 8:30. There was only one problem. The package was huge and the guy just had a little VW bug with him. There was no way the box would fit in the car.

So my UPS guy asked me if I could help them deliver the package. I said, “you’re kidding me, right?” “No”, he replied, “the package has to be delivered by 8:30 and there isn’t time to get another driver here.” Well, I drive a large SUV and he knew my car because of my bumper sticker and he knew the package would fit in my car.

I had a class to go to, but I had a moment of selflessness. I mean, my UPS guy needed me! So I agreed. The two men loaded the gigantic package into my car, and with my UPS guy and his VW in tow, we drove the package to its final destination.

After the other delivery guy got out with the package, my driver asked me what my favorite color was. “Blue”, I replied. Then the other guy comes back and the UPS guys went to wherever it is that UPS guys go to and I went back to the gym to work out. I was pretty psyched about the whole experience and spent the rest of the day telling people that I was “with Brown”. Still do actually!

Two weeks later, my doorbell rang and there’s my UPS guy standing there with an OFFICIAL UPS raincoat! It was so awesome and the best raincoat ever. Cool logo, blue color, just a sweet jacket all the way around. People always comment on it and ask me how I came to have it and I let them know that “I’m with Brown.”

I have a new driver now but I still run into my old UPS guy around town and we always talk about the day I delivered a package for Brown. And that’s the story of how I came to be with Brown.

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  1. Ro
    August 19, 2015

    I love that your husband orders, tries on then sends back. My daughter does that! She will order a huge box of clothes from Old Navy and when she gets it, may keep 2 or 3 items. So funny.

    • Lynn
      August 19, 2015

      he’s a professional returner … it’s soooooo annoying

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