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In which AM and PM are not at ALL the same

Lost and Confused Signpost

If these types of things happened to an acquaintance I probably wouldn’t believe them, after all how is it even possible for one person to have so very many travel screw ups? Unfortunately they happen to me so I have no choice but to believe it.  Let me recap my latest travel mishap.


As you know, I have a habit of fucking up my travel plans however occasionally something slips under my radar.  This, apparently was one of those times.  Let me recap?


Last week I was in Dallas for the BlissDom conference,  the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport (DFW) has a bunch of construction going on so I wanted to make sure I had plenty of time to make my 8:05 flight. I needed to be there by 7:05  to check my luggage so I checked with the concierge who told me I needed to allow 45 minutes to reach the airport which was perhaps 5 miles from the hotel.  They also told me to be down there 10 minutes before that to make sure a cab was available.


Me: so you’re saying I need to be down in the lobby at 6:05 to catch a cab for my 8:05 flight?

Concierge: exactly

Me: that’s ridiculous

So whilst I was in my room I called the front desk to confirm this information and they told me it took “10 minutes” to get to the airport.  That’s quite a difference but as it turns out it was a moot point since I basically woke up every hour all night anyways.  That  always seems to happen to me when I have an early flight. Don’t you hate that??


So I’m down in the lobby around 6:20 and I end up sharing a cab with two other bloggers, both of whom are also flying American Airlines, and I’m there by 6:45.  I check in, check my luggage and go to my gate and it’s still only 7:00. I knew that concierge was being overly cautious right?


I’m at gate B23 and I see that the flight listed is a flight to Arkansas at 8:30 but since I’ve had no coffee and I’m pretty sleepy I don’t think much of it.  The people sitting near me are drinking Starbucks and I’m debating the pros and cons of having some coffee.


Pros: it might wake me up and I’ll be aware of life


Cons: it might wake me up and I’ll be aware of life. Oh and also then I’ll never sleep on the plane. I want to sleep on the plane but then again, I could write a post on the plane.  Hmmmm…what to do?


I decided to get coffee and walk to Starbucks for coffee and oatmeal.  I do that and I get back to the gate and it’s 7:15 and I decide to ask the gate agent why my flight isn’t listed.


Me: excuse me. I’m going to Greensboro at gate B23 but you have a flight to Arkansas at 8:30 listed here. Can you please explain that?

Agent: can you hand me your boarding pass?

Me: sure (and I hand it over)

Agent: oh yes, your flight is for 8:05 PM

Me: what???

Agent: yes your flight is for tonight at 8:05

Me: (I really can’t type my reply here but I could have been something along the lines of FUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKK)

Agent: did they not mention that while checking in?

Me: no they didn’t.  Please tell me there’s an earlier flight.

Agent: hold on.

(and of course I do because people, I’ve been down this road before. Actually I’m incredibly calm possibly because my heart has actually STOPPED!!!)


So the gate agent is checking and now there’s four people from American looking onto the situation all probably wondering the same thing which is WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THOS WOMAN??


Agent: your ticket isn’t good for standby so you’ll have to pay 75 dollars but there’s a 7:50 flight to Greensboro


(it’s 7:20)


Me: that’s fine,  let’s just do it

Agent: I can’t believe they didn’t mention any of this to you when you checked in

Me: neither can I

Agent: did you check luggage?

Me: I did

Agent; it’s probably too late to change that.  You might have to drive back and get it tonight

Me: that’s fine,  I don’t even care,  I just want to get home

So the other gate agents are laughing and I call Kevin and wake him up and explain the situation and I can almost see him shaking his head with his “are you fucking kidding me Lynn?” look.


Agent: that’s weird

Me: what’s weird?

Agent: your luggage is actually already checked on the earlier flight

Me: the 7:50 one?

Agent: yes

Me: seriously?

By now the other two gate agents are dying laughing and I still haven’t had my coffee and they say:


Agent: did you mean to do that?

Me: yes absolutely.  That’s what I wanted.  I wanted my luggage to get home at 10:40 AM and I wanted to hang out and the Dallas/Fort Worth airport for THIRTEEN hours.



Other agent: you need to replace your travel agent


Me: I’d love to but unfortunately my travel agent is me

Other agent: so this has happened before?

Me: oh yes, I’m quite adept at travel triage

So we all had a good laugh and then they said:


Agent: ok, you’re all set for the 7:50 flight down at B9. They’re boarding now


So I took off to walk down there and got to that gate.


Me: is this the flight to Greensboro?

Agent: yes

Me: Greensboro, North Carolina?

Agent: yes

Me: you’re sure?

Agent: yes

Me: ok

And I boarded the plane, called Kevin and said “good news, I’ll be home early”


And there ya go!!!

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  1. Julie
    March 27, 2013

    That was hysterical ~ was the conference any good?

  2. Sheri
    March 27, 2013

    Thanks for my morning chuckle. I used to travel for work. I would obsessively check my travel arrangements because I was convinced I would do the same thing. It’s even worse when I go on vacation.

  3. Amy
    March 27, 2013


  4. chacha1
    April 2, 2013

    It’s good to be flexible when traveling.

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