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In which Andie is gone now


Believe it or not, this is the first day I’ve checked out my blog in about 4 days.  The result is that I seriously have only one post for the coming week so I suppose I better get my shit together.


Here’s the news:




Yup, sad but true; Andie is gone.  She left yesterday to go to Med School to begin the orientation process.  I must say that I laughed far more than I ever thought I could because that kid is a nut.


Things about Andie:


She has about a million voices.

She can binge watch TV like nobody’s business.

She does the LA Times Crossword puzzles with me.

She got me addicted to Candy Crush.

She loves old black and white movies so we can discuss the “good old days.”

She is hilarious.

She is also incredibly funny.

She left her fish with me.

Yeah, Gilgamesh and Hercules are now permanent tenants.

I asked her to change the water but she didn’t.

Now I have to.

Her new apartment looks awesome.

I did it as much for me as for her: I love to decorate.

She hated my blog and I never wrote so hopefully I will now.

She is nervous about Med School.

She’ll be fine though, she’s a smart kid.

I will miss her.

Daniel’s home now though.

Although he doesn’t speak as much.

And he’s getting his wisdom teeth out.

So I’ll need to do a “bit of mothering”

Although I don’t remember how.


I’m done now.  Whatever.

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  1. Shelly Kramer
    August 5, 2013

    I love this photo of you two. And I miss her, too.

    Come visit me – I need some decorating help.



    • Lynn
      August 5, 2013

      i might do that…i was thinking of you yesterday. That photo was when we got drunk in a bar in Vermont …hahaha

  2. Jester Queen
    August 5, 2013

    Good luck to Andie! OUCH to Daniel! Hope the teeth don’t hurt too much when they come out.

  3. Emma
    August 5, 2013

    At least you had fun while she was there!

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