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In which Andie is home


Dear people:


I have both good and bad news.  The good news is that Andie MacDonald is home for the summer.  Actually, that’s the bad news too.  You see, Andie is a moody creature so she’s either awesome or I want to kill her.


It’s been one day and so far so good.  Yesterday, we were trying to figure out her housing situation during med school (Duke University Med School has no housing. Why do you not have housing Duke? It would make a big difference in the stress level of your incoming first year med students?)


So we were figuring out the housing and a phone call needed to be made and she didn’t feel like making it so she asked if I would make the phone call in exchange for a BLOG POST so you guys, of course I took that deal because I’m lazy and she’s funny.


I also pointed out that the last blog post she wrote was immensely popular and her point system was a hit although she never added up the points and she pointed out that you guys (the readers) should be able to do math so yeah, that’s what she’s like.


At any rate, she hasn’t actually lived at home since high school so this should be interesting. I’m actually looking forward to having the “fun” Andie at home as this will be the first stress-free period she’s had in quite some time.


Daniel left yesterday to go back to school for both summer school and his job so I’m sure we will see him as well but mostly it will be mother-daughter bonding (I hope) or mother-daughter fighting (possibly) or daughter visiting mother in prison (a possibility but I hope not) for beating up said daughter.


Next week Andie is going to visit Keely since is the longest they have ever been apart since Andie was born (or as I like to tell her, accidentally added to our family hence her nickname: The Accident.)


This people, is how you raise healthy and happy kids.  By calling them nicknames like “The Accident.”  Speaking of nicknames, last Sunday was Mother’s Day but due to the fact that it was also Duke Graduation it was all about Andie.


Yesterday, I received a box with a note saying I was the best “mom” ever and that it was from “The Gift” aka Keely Rae MacDonald.


The minute I opened the yummy chocolate and read the card, both Andie and Daniel looked at me and said “fucking Keely” because you just can’t top “The Gift” and now they looked bad.


Hahaha… well, I thought it was amusing.


In other news I saw Maya Angelou yesterday and I should write about her and I might write about her but we shall see because this entire blog is so out of order already ya know?


I’m hoping it will be a great summer and Andie will be happy and Daniel will like his job and Keely’s job is done at the end of June so if you guys know of anyone looking for a writing PA in Los Angeles drop me a line.


See ya,







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  1. Theresa
    May 17, 2013

    Be extra nice to Andie this summer…some day she may choose to pull the plug…or not…depending on how this very summer goes…

    Tell Keely to hit Ali up for job prospects…that chick finds jobs for people out of thin air!

  2. Julie
    May 17, 2013

    How do the fish feel about her being back home? I’m looking forward to this summers posts ~ I have a feeling they are gonna be good. Happy Friday.

  3. Punky Coletta
    May 19, 2013

    Hope y’all have a good time together!
    Punky Coletta recently posted..Dream Career…..My Profile

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