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In which Apple fucked up

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Dear Apple:


I’m a bit pissed off at you.  Let me explain why.  For Christmas we bought Keely an iPad mini figuring it would be very useful in LA and hopefully save her eyesight as she spends far too much time reading on her iPhone.


She got the gift and was terribly excited about it.  She plugged it into her computer to set it up and it said, “you need to update your iTunes to the newest version.”  Ok, no problem right? WRONG!  She tried updating her iTunes to the newest version and it said, “You need to update your operating system” so she tried doing that and lo and behold, it didn’t work.


Why didn’t it work?  It didn’t work because Apple only supports operating systems for the past three years and she got her computer 4 years ago.  So we go into the Apple store and they explain that she needs to update her system to “Lion” but before she can do that she needs to update her system to “Leopard.”


“OK” we say, “let’s update it to Leopard.”


“We don’t carry Leopard.  You need to order it from Apple direct and you need to have the DVD” was the reply.


So let me get this straight.  Although you never send emails to these college kids telling them up update their operating system you quit supporting them after three years.  Then to actually update it they need a DVD but YOU DON’T CARRY IT IN THE STORE.


It’s not even the fact that you need to pay for the DVD; it’s the fact that Apple doesn’t even carry it in their store.  How difficult would it be for them to have the disk there and then it can be updated at the Genius bar???


We decided that Keely would probably end up getting a new computer eventually and she can use her iPad without it so end of story right?


Wrong.  Andie’s phone had a broken screen.  I told her that she needed to keep with the iPhone 4 because her operating system wouldn’t work with the new iPhone.  I knew this because not only Keely has had this problem but many of her friends have too. Ironic that apple makes their equipment to last but then stops supporting it after three years, especially considering that many college kids choose Mac’s and college lasts four years.


So Andie comes home with her iPhone 4 and plugs it and guess what? It doesn’t work without new iTunes which doesn’t work without Lion which doesn’t work without Leopard which her 3 year old computer doesn’t fucking have.


We go back to the Apple store and I say “I told her not to upgrade her phone specifically because we had this issue with the iPad so why does this iPhone 4 need the new iTunes? That’s what she had before.”


They tell me that even though it’s an iPhone 4 it’s got an upgraded operating system.  Seriously? This is bullshit.  The guy said that it was Andie’s fault for never updating her system.  I pointed out that Apple constantly upgrades all their apps and software but never sends out warnings “you better upgrade your operating system or you’re seriously fucked.”


They told me that they have a corporate policy of only supporting 3 years.  That’s so much bullshit people.  “Why don’t you carry the upgrade disk in the store?” I asked and they told us they carry no software whatsoever.


“Well, can we get her old phone back then?” we asked.


“No, it’s gone” he replied.


“It’s been 2 hours,” I said.


“You signed paperwork saying you agreed to the trade in” he replied.


So, the end result is that we’ve ordered the disk to upgrade Andie’s (and possibly Keely’s although she’s getting ready to leave the state) to Leopard so she can upgrade to Lion over the Internet.


Altogether, this is the most “user-unfriendly” thing I’ve ever encountered.  Tons of people are having this problem, not just us.


So Apple, shame on you.  There should be a copy of this DVD in each apple store so this can be done immediately when needed.  I don’t mind paying the upgrade fee but the fact that it all has to be ordered is ridiculous.


That’s my opinion.


Lynn MacDonald

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  1. Pearl
    January 21, 2013

    And that is why I am a PC. :-)

  2. Mayor Gia
    January 21, 2013

    Ugh, what a headache! Gah.
    Mayor Gia recently posted..MLK!My Profile

  3. Ribenatina @ ribena.musings
    January 23, 2013

    Wow! Apple are so much better here in the UK, though the nearest store is in Manchester, an hour and a half away.

    I love my iPhone and any other make would have be outstanding to give it up. It broke while I was working away and I needed it so I could annoy my hubby and Beautiful B by phone instead of in person. The Apple store I visited were fantastic – replaced my phone and set up the whole thing with upgraded software.

    Surely it would be better for Apple in the US to upgrade the phone in store (which I am sure they can do) while you are waiting for the disc to arrive. They wouldn’t lose out on sales because the disc is still needed for future upgrades.

    Poor Poor service from Apple; no wonder you are so mad. As for blaming Andie, what awful customer service – surely they have heard of the phrase – the customer is always right. I’d have wanted to punch him at that point lol.

  4. Steph
    January 23, 2013

    This is why I use a PC and Android!! Much more user friendly :-)

  5. Sisters from Another Mister
    January 23, 2013

    I have a ongoing issue with Sears this week and even their #searscares twitter promise failed… what is up with customer service of late?
    Sisters from Another Mister recently posted..Inch by inchMy Profile

  6. Jester Queen
    January 23, 2013

    It’s called planned obsolecense (oh fuck it, can’t spell today). I hate it. It’s a typical ‘how to stay relevent’ computer asswipe strategy. Apple ain’t the only one, just the one that sucks you in with the biggest (we can be your long-lasting foreverputuer) lies.

  7. Devon
    January 24, 2013

    I just found your blog today. It’s hilarious!

    Apple is SO FRUSTRATING!!! I updated my iTunes and it told me the program was corrupt and wouldn’t open. Luckily downloading it from the website somehow restored my account because I was freaking OUT. Having an iPhone AND an iPad just means that no matter what they’re holding me hostage. So now I buy songs on Amazon. That way, I can put them on multiple devices and accounts. Someday, their tyranny will end!
    Devon recently posted..Somebody at Shutterfly thinks we’re super weirdMy Profile

    • Lynn
      January 25, 2013

      thanks for reading … I’m so pissed at Apple…they fucked up everyones devices this Christmas in my house :))

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