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In which Arizona rocked

Guys, let me tell you about stuff on my vacation in Arizona.


First, as you know, I was in Phoenix. I’ve been to Phoenix before and I was staying at The Phoenician and it was all lush and fake with tons of plants and flowers and stuff. I was actually a bit annoyed because there were mosquitos, which I didn’t even know they had in Arizona.


But then Kevin came to meet me and we went to Canyon Ranch in Tucson. First we came over the hill and there was this green valley and I was surprised but it wasn’t all fake green; it had lot’s of desert-green plants in it.


Canyon Ranch, as you’d expect, was gorgeous but in a very deserty way. There were tons of types of cactuses and they were all labeled and there were Eucalyptus trees (which I was dying for and I wish they grew in North Carolina) and Mesquite trees (which I liked even more and I totally wish I had some of them in my yard) and it was so pretty.


I’d say that was the first time that I had truly appreciated the desert.


I saw a Road Runner.


I did NOT see Wile E. Coyote (is that how you spell his name?)
I saw wild pigs!


They’re actually called a Javelina


They were really big.


They roamed around at night.


That’s two of them.  One is licking the other. Don’t ask (hahaha)


I saw tons of lizards.


And ducks.


I was quite concerned about the baby ducks.


Was the mother keeping track? Would she lose them? I constantly counted them.


And really pretty birds with yellow heads (Do we have these birds in NC?)
Also I worked out.






But I ate really healthy so that was good.


Also they make amazing low-calorie ice cream.


That’s paramount.


There was a lot of artwork!


Like sculptures and stuff.


I like sculptures and stuff


There was a gigantic giraffe that reminded me of the gigantic giraffe that Andie and I made for her third grade project. Pretty sure they stole our giraffe.


There was also a Conestoga wagon that was like the one Keely made in 5th grad.


I’m pretty sure Canyon Ranch based their décor on The MacDonald family lower school projects.


All in all it was a great stay and finally Kevin relaxed.


Of course, one day back at work undid all that.


But you do what you can.

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