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In which bingo is NOT the name-o


To understand this post you need to read the previous post on how Andie and I would like to have a mountain in our backyard and then you can understand our thinking.  Beyond that, my friend Amy, who lives in Manhattan Beach, California is bringing her son Ian to see her mother who lives her in Greensboro.


Since her mother is in a retirement community, she was asking what in the world she could do that would entertain both her 20-year-old son and her 84-year-old mother.  I tried to point out that this is GREENSBORO and there’s not much to do which is why I tend to fly to Los Angeles rather than the other way around.  Thought you would enjoy where this conversation headed.


Amy is the black print and I’m the green!



There’s always Bingo!

Is there a place we can go?

Can’t see your mom bowling

She bowled once with me

I love that old shit. We can go out to lunch but idk. There’s a museum down at UNCG.  The Weatherspoon but I don’t know what there is to do around here.

Now I wanna play bingo

There ya go. I have Ms. Pacman

I think Ian would have a blast

Playing bingo?

Yes. I just Googled. Is it possible there are bingo bars? What a fabulous idea!

Idk. They have bingo at the moose lodge and the elks club but I’ve never been. Nor have I heard of a bingo bar

We should open one

Andie says that’s an amazing idea

Andie’s my favorite!

The bar could be called “bingo is the name-o

You can do better

How could u not like that name for the bingo bar?

Bingo Slingo

No, Andie hates it

Yours is too long

I’m telling you bingo is the name-o

Either one

Ok. There needs to be trivia nights too


Ok. You’re in charge of the beer Where is this bar?

A bocce ball court on patio

It’s in NC. They need something to do


Really good happy hour a must.

Andie and I are relocating a mountain here by the way


NC has no happy hour

It’s against the law


With a reflecting lake in front of it


The mountain will have a lake in front of it

And we have to be really good to our employees so they’ll be happy. So I’m also in charge of employee relations.


That’s why we’re all so sad here

We should have misery hour and advertise that we want company.

IDEA! Lets call the whole bar misery

Last night, 4 of us went to happy hour. Had amazing food and 8 drinks. Some on happy hour prices, some not. It was less than 100

I bet it would have been cheaper with a misery hour


People could cry in their beer

We could cry all the way to the bank!

Good one Amy

You’re going to blog this, aren’t you?

Andie and I are discussing the mountain we are moving

Of course I’ll blog this

I am not sure you’ll be able to move that mountain fast enough

Andie wants a mountain with a crater in the top with a lake with an island in it

In other words crater lake.  Oh and a castle on the island!

But here so we can see it from the house

Crater Lake Gamebar!

Did I take your breath away?

No. Andie and I are discussing the name of the bar.

I have to be in on that discussion. Maybe we should schedule a conference

Andie wants an arbitrary name like: lamp

Andie wants to have bear fact Fridays

If you don’t move that mountain fast enough, it can be just GameBar


Every Friday Andie will explain bear facts for safety

There’s a restaurant here called Jar

She knows a lot about bears

(I happen to know that Jar = Just Another Restaurant)

Bear safety is important, as we will have a mountain nearby

Andie wants to call it alcohol


Bear Fridays are good

Andie is practicing being silly.

Andie needs no practice


Andie and I have been playing a ton of Ms. Pacman

How about “set the bar low

So I gather

I like that. But too long

 Low Bar



Low Bargames


That’s the acronym

Lets call it WTF

You have to have an acronym you can pronounce

Yeah stubble

If you can’t have happy hour, for sure you can’t have WTF


Bar none

Hmmm. Stubble you know, STBL

We like Bar None

Taken already

It is? Where?


This is in Greensboro near the mountain hence bear fact Friday

Cuz there’s bears on the mountain


What’s Tustin?

all have Bar None


And LA

How about “bad decisions

Or how about “go away

how about not?


Off to treadmill my happy hour away

So there you are.  We are going to open a bar somewhere around here in Greensboro near our new mountain with the lake and the island and the castle.  We will have bingo and trivia contests and most importantly, “Bear fact Fridays” which Andie will be in charge of.


We will have Misery Hour where you can get drunk on the cheap and cry in your beer (I accidentally typed Bear like you can cry in your bear which is dangerous and you would know that if you attended bear fact Fridays) while we laugh all the way to the bank.


Feel free to have text conversations with me.  I always enjoy them.

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  1. Julie
    June 12, 2013

    If I come to the bar and happen to get “over served” during Misery Hour, can I sleep t off in the castle?

  2. Theresa
    June 12, 2013

    If you worked for Google, this article was a clever marketing ploy. Since Tustin borders Irvine, and my kids attend school in that district, I had to go find out about Bar None… Who knew a manufacturing plant, right down the road…. Beverage supplier to the restaurant trade. And see how I took the fun out of the story, by looking it up?
    You and Andie need to move to Cali for the summer. We have bars, mountains, lakes, the works! You surf in the am, mountain hike in the afternoon, bar hop at night. Win! Win!

  3. Amy
    June 12, 2013

    All I can say is that it’s a good thing that I really did google Bar None and also this conversation is mostly true.

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