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In which Dragon*Con sucked me in


DragonCon, oh DragonCon.  How you do suck people in! So where was I from yesterday’s post?  (See here).  Oh yeah, so we met Katee Sackhoff and the plan was to meet up with some “fangirls” that I knew from online.


What are fangirls you say?  People who like the same things you like which in this case, was the Apollo/Starbuck pairing in Battlestar Galactica (Sorry Michael Trucco … to be fair we didn’t know what a charming guy you would turn on to be!)


At any rate, the plan was to meet up with the other gals around 7:30.  Keely, Kathleen and I decided to have a quick bite to eat first (never drink on an empty stomach people) and the evening began.  I think a list is in order:


We decided to BYOB

In this case it was BYOGG … or bring your own Gray Goose

We had a small dinner

It was awful

 But we added a LOT of vodka

 No, not to the dinner

 To the drinks

 So then the dinner didn’t seem so bad after all

We went to the Westin Bar

And met Tara and Heather and Susan and Becca and Karin and Emily and Bee and … well you get the point.  We met a LOT of gals

And we had more drinks and more vodka and more drinks with vodka and I was actually feeling pretty good and having a great time

Keely and Kathleen suggested drinking games but people wisely said no

Half of us headed back to the Marriott, which was mayhem, and the other half went to check out this huge dance party at the Hyatt … I was in the Hyatt half

Somehow we ended up dancing and I looked up and Keely and Kathleen were on the stage (this wasn’t great for Keely but she wasn’t listening to me)

Then someone got a text and we all took off

I didn’t know why …

Or where we were going …

 Or why …

But we got to the bar High Velocity in the Marriott and there were Jamie Bamber and Michael Trucco, two stars from BSG

All the gals were in awe but I grabbed Keely and went up to them

I apologized for interrupting and then explained to Jamie that Keely (and kind of me) had sent them Duke t-shirts and “The Phantom Tollbooth” (read this book immediately if you haven’t done so yet)

 He said he knew it and we proceed to hang out with them for a bit

 Keely said I was wasted and kept thanking him profusely, petted him (Jamie Bamber that is) and then lectured him for not reading the book.  I think she’s exaggerating.  I was just being a mom.  Note to reader: ignore Keely.

Meanwhile, Keely was inviting Michael Trucco to be the star of a script that we’re writing and he was all like “what?” and “sure” and “ok” until Kathleen spilled her entire drink on his chair.

After explaining that she was in Med School hahaha

Yeah, that happened.

He said, “that’s fine, I’ll just stand all night” and it was hilarious

The entire thing was fabulous and ridiculous and mortifyingly embarrassing

Then we decided to leave them alone

 Although by now people were accosting them left and right

Especially this one chick who talked to them for 45 minutes


But we went to the table

Our table

And Kathleen sent over a round of drinks in apology

Although she forgot to include her name

So Jamie and Michael didn’t know they were from her

Ah, the young kids of today

And then Michael came to the back and I gave him my business card

Yeah, the ALL FOOKED UP one

Which he liked

I know cuz when I was leaving he told me

 So yeah, that was Friday night

 And Saturday was Kathleen in bed hung over all day

 But Keely and I went to the BSG panel and Michael recognized us

 So that was an awesome day.

 I am now a huge Michael Trucco fan

 I already was a Jamie Bamber fan

 Who knew I was that type of person?

 No, not the stalkerish type … the fannish type!

 We then went out to a quiet, non-alcoholic dinner because our livers demanded that we do so.

So, that was basically DAY Two at Dragon*Con.  Pretty amazing huh???? Of course, Keely was busy spilling our secret which is ok in my mind.

That’s about it.  Hope you guys all stay tuned for the next bit.





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  1. Jester Queen
    September 5, 2012

    MAKE it happen, because that fucking rocks. And I LOVE that you were treating the celebrities like normal people. I especially love the round of apology drinks!

    • Lynn
      September 5, 2012

      hahaha…the round from Kathleen without the name. She told Keely “they’ll know they’re from me” hahahaha … as if

  2. Julie
    September 5, 2012

    After self medicating my oral surgery pain, queasiness forced me to stop at Gray Goose. BBL.

    • Lynn
      September 5, 2012

      yeah…Gray Goose, better than narcotics

  3. KeAnne
    September 5, 2012

    How awesome! I love BSG and have a huge girl crush on Starbuck. My coworker was at DragonCon; he tries to go every year.

    • Lynn
      September 5, 2012

      she was so gorgeous in person i can’t even tell you!! and sweet and funny

  4. Amy
    September 5, 2012

    What? You and Keely can’t keep a secret? Lecture coming.Even if I have to come there myself!

    • Lynn
      September 5, 2012

      I’m not even worried about you coming here. You’ll never come here. Hahaha

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