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In which he bled out


If I lived in Vermont I swear I would have a new ridiculous post every damn day. Let me explain. Kevin and I flew to Vermont on Thursday. We got up early for a 7:00 AM flight. The first problem we had was that I somehow set the alarm for 5:00 PM instead of 5:00 AM so boy was I surprised when I looked at the clock and it was 5:24. Kevin was a bit annoyed but as Andie said “classic mom.” Why do these people never double check stuff?


At any rate, we had a 3 hour delay in Philly so we missed the appointment that we had at 2:00 with my in laws which was the main reason we got up so early.


Later, Allison explained that she had a “major oven incident” which somehow involved maple syrup.  I’m still not clear on the details but long story short, there was a ton of maple sugar burned onto the bottom of the oven.  Why am I telling you this?


I’m telling you this because Kevin woke up early on Friday and told me to sleep in.  He decided to surprise his parents by removing the oven door and cleaning out the oven for them. Apparently, this didn’t go as planned because Kevin came running into our room and said “Lynn, I need your help with something.”


Note to Reader:

I guess sleeping in wasn’t the same to Kevin as it is to me.


So I got up and went into the kitchen and Kevin was holding his hand and looking pale (well paler then usual…I mean the guy has very little pigment to begin with) and there was a bloody paper towel stuck in the oven door spring.


Turns out he had NOT read the instructions to remove the oven door (I’m so proud of you Kevin) and therefore the door spring punched a really deep, but kind of a pretty crescent shaped wound into his hand.  He was spurting blood everywhere kind of like that SNL Julia Child’s sketch.


We wrapped him up (well his hand that is) and then debated whether he needed stitches or not.


We called Sue, our sister in law, who is a nurse and asked where the urgent care place was? Turns out that it’s called The Emergency Room and we don’t really like emergency rooms so I googled “do I need stitches?” and decided that I didn’t, hahaha, and neither did Kevin.


Then he said his finger was numb so I googled that and decided that no big deal either so we decided to go buy butterfly sutures and then go to the gym.


After all, it’s bad enough that I had to be all nice to Kevin now but I really needed to work out since I had been attacked by both Jellybeans and York Peppermint Patties the day before. I mean, I was on vacation!


Unfortunately, after the shower Kevin ruined all my good work by breaking it all open again and bleeding everywhere but I fixed him up and then we had Sue double check it.  She pronounced it perfect and my skills as a nurse are still intact.


Later Andie asked how dad had cut himself and I replied “shaving” and she called me dumb which is fairly normal.


So that was our first day in Vermont.  Pretty awesome right???

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  1. What is it with men and injuring themselves doing DIY?!

    My husband did the same thing but with a pair of blunt scissors and a cable tie (don’t ask). He lost most of the skin on the top of his thumb, affected the nerve and eventually had to have plastic surgery just to stop the pain.

    I am convinced that they go through blood and pain just to get out of doing DIY again!

    • Lynn
      April 7, 2014

      its funny because Kevin ALWAYS reads the directions but in this case, he had no clue where they were and proceeded anyways. He looked at them later to put the door back on and it turns out, theres an easier way.

      I don’t know why he couldn’t wait … he’s just like that

  2. Julie
    April 7, 2014

    I’m just happy that you survived the jellybean and peppermint patty attack. I barely escaped a nasty Girl Scout cookie assault.

    • Lynn
      April 7, 2014

      oh god. It was crazy but fortunately Ive gotten that out of my system

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