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In which he couldn’t take it

baby seal

So as you know, Kevin and were hanging out in the storm and spend an inordinate amount of time together. That’s because Kevin’s work wasn’t open on Friday due to the fact that shit was falling from the sky.


So basically I waste almost every single minute of my life. Of course, I have a routine but I work out in the morning and then write or paint (mostly not write nowadays as evidenced by the dearth of posts on this blog) and then I shower and then I waste the rest of my day.


Occasionally I figure out dinner but mostly … not. Then Kevin eventually shows up at home because he went out work all day and then went to do “the physical fitness” (we like to say that from that JLo movie “the Wedding Planner”) and then he comes home. He gets home around 7:30.


SO basically I have from 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM alone on a daily basis.


BUT … on Friday Kevin was home with me. All the workout places were closed but Kevin managed to run errands anyways. Then he sat at the computer and worked from home until lunch and then he ran one last errand.


SO Friday afternoon we watched a LOT of TV. That was ok because there were a lot of programs to catch up on and we watch the beginning of “War & Peace” and then we had chicken pot pie (which I had bought previously) and ate shit tons of ice cream (see my trip to the grocery store on previous post.)


At nighttime, as we are going into our room Kevin has a big sigh. A BIG SIGHHHHHH!


Me:      what’s wrong?


Kevin: well, it’s just that I didn’t work out. Didn’t work. I was lazy and I ate way too much.


Me:      don’t worry. It’s not like that’s “every day of your life”


Then I paused for a second and said:


Me:      it is, however, every day of my life


And then we cracked up because basically what Kevin lived was a single day of my life and HE COULDN’T TAKE IT!!!


Hahahaha…it’s difficult being a total waste of time and space!

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  1. Shurtzy
    January 27, 2016

    Ha! I love this beyond all reason. It sounds like my life. During our snow-out (Greenville, SC), the husband kept asking what we were going to “do”. I was internetting. I was already doing it. Stop being so Type A, Dude. Be like me. Except that would be gross. He knows I am so lazy that every day on the way home from work he texts me and asks me if I need anything. He asks that knowing that I just took that exact same route exactly one hour earlier..yeah, I kind of suck. First time commenter. I subscribed. I am a brand brand brand new blogger and don’t know commentluv etiquette, so let me know if that’s tacky. Looking forward to your posts!
    Shurtzy recently posted..A Tasty Blend of WienerMy Profile

    • Lynn
      February 1, 2016

      great to meet you… I told my husband he could never be me because he’s always trying to accomplish something and can’t accept being a lazy bastard

  2. Ro
    January 28, 2016

    When my husband retired at the age of 48, I told him he had to find a hobby if we were going to remain married. I’m lucky he does stay busy and he has found watching UK and Australian tv series online and that keeps him busy when the weather gets bad. We are in northern Ontario so the weather can get bad in the winter. Good luck with Kevin.

  3. chacha1
    February 2, 2016

    me on the other hand … I can’t take my husband’s idea of a day off. LOL

    I asked him not too long ago what his vision of retirement was, and he said “watching TV and drinking beer” and I’m very much afraid that is a true statement.

    If we were dogs, I would be a border collie and he would be a Labrador.
    chacha1 recently posted..a big-city budget, part twoMy Profile

    • Lynn
      February 14, 2016

      I can’t imagine the constant lists I’ll get

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