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In which he doesn’t know what i mean


This morning, Kevin MacDonald destroyed my psyche.  He was getting ready for the day when the following conversation transpired:


Kevin:             you say that all the time


Me:                  say what?


Kevin:             you know what I mean


Me:                  no, I don’t


Kevin:             that’s what you say


Me:                  what do I say?


Kevin:             you say, “You know what I mean?”


Me:                  no I don’t


Kevin:             yes you do.  All the time


Me:                  are you sure?


Kevin:             yeah, I told you the other day


Me:                  no you didn’t


Kevin:             I did but I guess you didn’t hear me


Me:                  does that even count then?


Kevin:             I don’t know


Me:                  I had no idea.  Do I say it to you or to everyone?


Kevin:             how would I know?  I know you say it with me


Me:                  oh my god.  I’m soooooo depressed now


Kevin:             why?


Me:                  because I always thought I was articulate and now I find out that I’m not.


Kevin:             it’s not that big a deal



Me:                  I’m decimated


So I went to Pilates (and hit a squirrel on the way.  See?  Bad fucking day!) and I asked the people in the class do I always say “do you know what I mean?” and they said “YES!”


By now I’m pretty upset but I work out and then go to a meeting at the United Way and afterwards, I ask my friend Anne if I always say, “do you know what I mean?” and she says “yes.”


Woah! I had no idea.  She tells me that now that I’m conscious of it she’s sure that I’ll make a change and it’s just a habit.  I think probably I’m just so brilliant that I need to check and see if people actually know what I mean.  On the way home I called Kevin.


Me:                  I’m absolutely devastated about this whole habit of mine


Kevin:             it’s not that big a deal


Me:                  its been confirmed by two sources


Kevin:             why does it matter?


Me:                  … and I hit a squirrel


Kevin:             bad day huh?


Me:                  I think my psyche has been destroyed


Kevin:             you don’t think that’s an overreaction?


Me:                  all these years, I thought I was articulate and now this


Kevin:             it’s one phrase


Me:                  what if I find out that I’m not smart?


Kevin:             ummmm …


Me:                  or not funny?


Kevin:             well …


Me:                  the foundation of my personality is crumbling


Kevin:             I doubt that


Me:                  well, I’m in a fairly bad way emotionally now because of this


Kevin:             Lynn …


Me:                  you know what I mean?


Kevin:             hardly ever


… and there you go!

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  1. Julie
    March 7, 2013

    “I think probably I’m just so brilliant that I need to check and see if people actually know what I mean.” Damn right! Keep saying it loud and proud! Know what I mean, Lynn?

    • Lynn
      March 7, 2013

      you might actually be my biggest fan … even bigger than me!

  2. Jester Queen
    March 7, 2013

    However, and happily, you don’t write it except when telling us about it, so it’s all good. I think we’ve all got vocal tics like that. Mine is “INdeed”, which I picked up from my husband. My mother in law says (and her first language is ENGLISH) “How should I say?” Like she’s looking for a word in a foreign language.

    • Lynn
      March 7, 2013

      it’s always ok until someone points it out though. You know what i mean???

  3. Phillipa
    March 7, 2013

    I have one of those… fact our whole 4×4 club uses the phrase “turns out”…..I guess you know you are finally a fully fledged member when you start using the same phrases….

    Turns out… I think it’s quite funny.

    • Lynn
      March 7, 2013

      i’m attempting to change though :)

  4. Ben T.
    March 7, 2013

    My friend says “Does that make sense? ” and “You know what I’m saying” almost all the time. She’s a smart person but if drives me nuts.

    • Lynn
      March 7, 2013

      apparently it drove my husband nuts as well

  5. maura
    March 7, 2013

    Growing up in the 80’s I ended every sentence by saying… RIGHT? and my father would yell (from wherever he was) WRONG. I stopped saying it. Flash forward to 2011 when I met a new friend who said, You know what I mean? at the end of almost every sentence. I remembered my dad correcting me and how great it worked so I said NO every time she said said YKWIM… She yelled at me and said – STOP doing that, it distracts me and then I forget what I was saying. I’ve learned to live it with it. Cool story, RIGHT? (I crack myself up)

    • Lynn
      March 7, 2013

      hahaha…great story, ya know what i mean?

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