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In which he goes to Europe


VennThis was written last week so whatever guys, WHATEVER!


Daniel is home for exactly two weeks.  Then he’s going to Europe for the summer to do a homestay in Spain and finish his Spanish requirement and then he’s off to Geneva to do some economics and/or finance thing.  It’s unclear, as Daniel doesn’t really explain stuff very well.


Nonetheless, he’s been home a week and from what I can see he’s spent the bulk of his time sleeping.  If Daniel and I were a Venn diagram we would overlap but just a few hours a day.  That’s because I’m up by 7:00 AM and go to bed at 10:00 PM and Daniel is up at 1:00 PM and apparently stays up until 4:00 AM.  Stupid huh?


This would be no big deal if I hadn’t made a VERY LARGE LIST of things Daniel needs to get done before he leaves.  This list includes:


Make copies of passports

Get a return flight from Geneva

Call the bank about his ATM card

Call the bank about the emergency credit card

Figure out his international Student ID

Figure out the phone

Plan this “so-called” week in between the two programs


So I figured we had a lot to do since he never seems to have his shit together.  Last week I told him I was booking him a return trip so I know that he’s going to Europe and I know that he’s coming home.  Did I tell you he’s leaving Saturday and it’s Tuesday?


So yesterday on Monday I told him that even though he wouldn’t get stressed that I would so we were going to get the financials together today (which was yesterday).  He finally called the bank and we straightened that out and I straightened out the credit card and he knows to not have his phone on AT ALL.


But we still need Skype and Whatsapp and more but mostly I asked what he was doing for the interim week.


Me:                  do you have a definite itinerary?


Daniel:            kind of


Me:                  well what day is your program finished?


Daniel:            the 27th or 28th of June


Me:                  which is it?


Daniel:            not sure


Me:                  when are your friends coming in to meet you? (They’re traveling for the week with him)


Daniel:            I don’t know


Me:                  have you asked them?


Daniel:            I’ll do that


Me:                  wow. The train from Madrid to Paris is expensive and long. Maybe you should fly


Daniel:            maybe


Me:                  have you discussed any of this with them?


Daniel:            not really


Me:                  are they so disorganized that you got put in charge?


Daniel:            ummmm


Me:                  Jesus … this is ridiculous. We need to plan a tentative itinerary and then get it approved


Daniel:            that seems like a good idea


Me:                  why doesn’t each of you be in charge of lodging in one city since there’s three of you and three cities?


Daniel:            that seems like a good idea


You get the picture.  Guess what we got done yesterday???? NOTHING!!! Because these other kids never answered their texts.  Good grief.


Guess what’s on the docket today? You got it, travel arrangements.


Arrrggghhhhhh   BOYS!!!

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  1. Julie
    May 19, 2014

    I know you can’t do it (because it’s Europe, not a trip to Indiana), but wouldn’t it be great to be able to sit back and do NOTHING to help him? When I get the “I don’t know” and “ummmm” responses from The Child, I just want to throw my hands in the air and walk away. So frustrating!!

  2. Chris
    May 19, 2014

    It’s not just boys. I’ve had almost identical conversations with both of my daughters. My wife says I’m anal, but in reality I’m just a project manager and it drives me mad when people don’t take the time to plan ahead.

  3. chacha1
    May 20, 2014

    I would be inclined to let him “handle” it and snicker quietly to yourself when you get the panicked emails.
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