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In which he liked the old days better


Kevin informed me this morning that he liked the blog in the “old days” more than he likes it now. Apparently, I was “funnier” back then compared to now.


First, in my defense, more people surrounded me so more funny stuff happened.


Second, I wasn’t as bored of writing as I am now so I used to write down all the funny things that happened during the day so that when I sat down to write I had something to write about.


Now, I sit down and I’m all like “what the fuck has happened lately?”


At any rate, mostly I don’t want to write about shit that I already wrote about (the exception seems to be my Harris Teeter rants … I never get tired of that) but I’m not going to repeat all my road rage bullshit.


Also Kevin … he is a never ending source of ridicule but in the old days (aka 5 years ago) I could sprinkle that with constantly ridiculing my kids too but they’re not around anymore so it’s harder to make fun of the day to day bullshit.


Anyways, that’s that.


In other news I SOLD a painting on the website Saatchi Art and I’m pretty psyched about that. I also lowered the prices so go buy a damn painting!!!


Every time I paint something I’m pretty convinced it’ll be awful and when it’s not it’s a pleasant surprise. I don’t see where it takes any talent at all to paint and I’m quite sure anybody could do it if they tried. I never call myself an artist just like I never call myself a writer.


Also, W(h)ine with Lynn is still a big hit and indeed this month we have over 30 people coming. You guys should go ahead and try something like that … it’s fun!


Beyond all that life is sort of the same and we are heading to Vermont this weekend so there’s always blog fodder up there.


Sorry that this is so short but Kevin needs to use the office now.


See ya

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