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In which he lost his Kiehls


Kevin was out of town on a business trip with two people he works with, Walt and Sherry.  We both knew that Walt read my blog because he often remembers what I wrote even when I don’t.  This is both disconcerting and funny and it’s weird to have someone know more about you than you actually do.


One morning, they were driving to their appointment when Kevin asked Sherry a question.  She didn’t answer.  He asked again and she replied, “just wait a minute, I’m reading Lynn’s blog” which I find quite amusing although Kevin didn’t.
Neither one of us knew that she read the blog and Kevin loves to bitch and moan about people that he works with reading the blog since I make so much fun of him.  Well Kevin, hold on to your hat because here goes.


Last night as Kevin was unpacking he told me a funny thing.


Kevin:             This morning at the airport when I was going through security and I took out my liquids …

Me:                  uh huh

Kevin:             … and I noticed that I didn’t have my moisturizer so you know how I hate to lose things …

Me:                  uh huh

Kevin:             … so I said out loud “I lost my Kiehls” and then Walt and Sherry both just shook their heads and smiled

Me:                  hahahahahahahahaha

Kevin:             it’s not funny … they all know about my Kiehls because of you

Me:                  hey, they read the blog. How is that my fault?

Kevin:             they gave me such a look


I’m still laughing.  Poor Kevin with a life so full of ridicule.


So I’m going through his bathroom stuff and I see his Kiehls in his Dop kit


Me:                  hey Kevin, good news! I found your Kiehls!

Kevin:             you did?

Me:                  yup, you illegally snuck it through in your Dop Kit

Kevin:             that’s great that I didn’t lose it. I hate losing things

Me:                  yeah, I better immediately notify Sherry and Walt!

Kevin:             you better not, that’s not funny

And since it was 10:30 I decided that I would just text Walt. (Sorry Sherry, I don’t have your number).  I figured he was asleep but I sent this text to him:


Good news.  Kevin has found his Kiehls


The next morning I woke up to the following text:


I was really worried his complexion didn’t look good yesterday his face was dry

So I sent him a text:


Perhaps I will get a mask for the whole team to try.


And he responded:


That would be great.  By the way your Soul Cycle post motivated me to get up and exercise that morning but I only burned 200 calories in 30 minutes, not 500.


Hahaha… I love Kevin’s work pals.  They’re the best and having them give him shit all day when I’m not around makes this entire blog worthwhile.


Stay tuned for more skin care and Kevin updates.

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One Comment

  1. Jester Queen
    June 3, 2013

    Yes – Scott’s work friends are awesome. He has great friends period, which I love about him.

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