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In which i apologize

Tap with a drop of water

First of all, let me say that I’m sorry that I didn’t post yesterday.  It was an honest mistake. I thought I had written posts through Wednesday but apparently I was wrong.


I never check my work (possibly the reason for many academic fails in my life) therefore I didn’t know until I got on this morning (this is Wednesday) to do my blog stuff and I discovered I had no post.


At first I thought, “Wow, I should write a post” but then I thought “fuck it, I’ll just put one up tomorrow” so that’s where we are.


So here’s what’s up:


I’m going to Vermont tomorrow (which is Thursday so I suppose that’s today since I’m posting it on Thursday).  As you know, I ALWAYS have funny stories from Vermont so hopefully that’ll be true this time as well.


Because I’m going to Vermont and leaving the cat at home (don’t worry, somebody is checking on her and the fish) I had to change the litter boxes (which I hate to do. Not that anybody doesn’t hate that.  I mean, it totally sucks) and of course, I ran out of cat litter.


That’s because I was on my way to get cat litter when the plumber called and said he was at my house.


That was a surprise since he was supposed to come yesterday and never showed up and I spoke to him this morning before I worked out and he said this AFTERNOON but instead he showed up at 9:30.  Pretty exciting huh?


Why the plumber? Because once again I have to rip out my shower and all the tile and all the fixtures because the temperature control is busted.


Why does it matter? Because it’s SCALDING in my shower and I can barely tolerate it and even Kevin who loves hot water is complaining.


Isn’t that a hassle? Why yes! Yes it is a hassle especially since I had it done once before and I have no more tile that matches so I have to get tile that matches and have the entire fucking thing done again!!


Anything else Lynn? Why yes, yes there is! For some reason along with the broken mixer I now have hot water in my cold water and I’m brushing my teeth with hot water.


So can you now see what this is important and how somehow it all comes down to no cat litter????


So I need to go get cat litter and tonight is W(h)ine with Lynn but I keep getting cancellations and I never know if the number I told the bar is correct but I suppose at some point I’ll get the hang of it.


Also I need to get my post ready for Friday and possibly Monday since I’ll be travelling.  That’s pretty much it.



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  1. Cynthia K.
    April 3, 2014

    OMG the hot water toothbrushing thing. My guy does this and it’s insane to me. I mentioned it to a couple of girls as part of a weird-shit-guys-do gossip session and as it turns out, they both do it too! I think we should have a poll because now it makes me wonder if they’re weird or if it’s me. I mean, I don’t care, because the cold water is clearly more refreshing and that makes me right, but it’s just such a bizarre concept to me that I wonder how many people are doing that.

    Enjoy Vermont, can’t wait for stories!

    • Lynn
      April 3, 2014

      I ever met anyone who brushes with hot water on purpose. That’s nuts

  2. Julie
    April 3, 2014

    I am so relieved that you simply forgot to post.
    I was afraid that you had thrown in the towel and dumped the blog.
    I had mild chest pains all day yesterday and was unable to poop.

    Have fun in Vermont.

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