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In which i appreciate Andie more


This morning as I was looking at the Notes on my iPad I saw the following:


Note to self: appreciate Andie more


I started chuckling to myself and I looked at the date, which said June 19, 2009.
“That’s funny,” I thought to myself, “I didn’t get this iPad until June 20, 2010 so why is the date June 19, 2009?”


I then realized that I had gotten my iPhone on June 19, 2009.  On June 20, 2009 I turned 50.  All I wanted for my birthday was an iPhone.  I had always had a crap phone and they looked so awesome.  Of course, Kevin said I wasn’t getting one so I was bitching and moaning about it because he was out of town and couldn’t take care of the details.


“Shit, no iPhone for my birthday” I thought to myself.  But little did I know that Kevin had Andie go to the Apple store, purchase my iPhone for me and set up the entire thing so that I COULD receive an iPhone for my birthday.  One of my favorite parts of the entire package was that I had a NOTE on it that said what you saw above.

Note to self: appreciate Andie more.


Now I use the notes feature all the time and millions of notes have come and gone but I’ve never deleted that note.  And yet, that was my iPhone and this is my iPad.  So here’s what happened.  The next year on June 20, they came out with the iPad.  After discovering the joys of the iPhone, I was slowly going blind from reading on it all the time so I said I wanted an iPad for my birthday which, coincidentally, was right around the time the brand spanking new iPad was coming out.


Me:                  I want an iPad for my birthday this year.


Kevin:             You’re not getting an iPad.


Me:                  Did I mention that I wanted an iPad for my birthday this year?


Kevin:             You’re spoiled.   You’re not getting an iPad.


Me:                  No problem.  If on June 20th I don’t get an iPad then on June 21st I’m going to the Apple store and buying an iPad for myself.


Kevin:             Jesus Lynn, you’re a pain in the ass.


Long story short.  I GOT AN iPad FOR MY BIRTHDAY.  At any rate, when I was syncing all the various and sundry Apple shit on my computer, all my notes came together so that when I look at my notes on my iPad it says (all together here) Note to self: appreciate Andie more


Well, it just so happens that when I noticed that note earlier that a) I was actually missing Andie a bit as she’s in Greece and b) my birthday is coming up.  For my birthday this year, I don’t need any Apple stuff because honestly, I DID just buy myself a new Apple computer a few months ago and also, I’m taking a marble sculpture class in California for my birthday present.


So back to missing Andie.  Andie has been gone for 2 weeks.  In those ensuing two weeks I have gotten three short emails from Andie, all of which basically said nothing except a few inside jokes and THAT’S WHAT I MISS.  ¾ of the conversation in this family is about silly stuff so not having that type of conversation is killing me.


At any rate, I did leave a message for her on her Facebook, which for some reason, she manages to keep up with.  I finally received another email explaining to me that she hasn’t been killed yet in a riot.  So that’s good.


And yet, I still kind of miss her.  I guess I really should take note of that NOTE and APRRECIATE ANDIE MORE.  After all, when she’s not here I wish she were.  But please, don’t tell her.


I’m just saying …


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  1. Don E. Chute
    June 21, 2011

    Me thinks you should keep that Note forever. You got me thinking…[dangerous]…however. I am now making… “A Note To Self: Appreciate More”.

    That’s a blanket approach and I like blankets.

    Aloha FSSF!

    • Lynn
      June 21, 2011

      Yeah, it’s always my first note to self that i have.

  2. Katja Brown
    June 21, 2011

    Did you manage to reschedule that sculpture class in CA?

    • Lynn
      June 21, 2011

      Yep…the class is fixed but the flights haven’t been dealt with yet.

  3. Name *
    June 21, 2011

    I agree keep that note forever, and maybe even set it as wallpaper for a short while :)

    • Lynn
      June 21, 2011

      yeah…it always cracks me up when i see it

  4. FranceRants
    June 21, 2011

    That’s the problem with all this electronic stuff, you can’t keep those kind of notes in a little book with other favorite things your kids wrote/drew/etc…although it still is a totally cute note, and I think, a keeper.

    • Lynn
      June 21, 2011

      it is a cute note and reminds me of some stuff i should probably blog about

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