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In which i assembled the fan

This morning I went to Pilates like I do every Monday morning and it turned out that my class was cancelled so it was just me.  I opted to do a private so I twisted and worked and basically attempted to follow all the directions, which are usually as follows:


Use your core Lynn

Not from your back

Don’t use your hip flexors

Relax your neck

Are you using your core?

Twist more

Lift higher

Arms at 90 degrees

Relax your neck

Are you using your core?


And every once in a while I get a “good job Lynn” usually followed by a “engage your core.”


At some point, I started getting warm and asked if we could turn on the fan.  Amanda, my instructor, told me that she had bought a new fan but it was in the car.  The reason for this is that she just moved around a whole bunch of equipment and all the fans are now in the group studios and not in the private studio.


She told me what to do on the “jump board” and ran to the car to get the fan.  Upon taking it out of the box she realized that it required some assembly.  Because we were in the middle of a class she just leaned the fan, sans stand, against the wall and turned it on.


It was on some sort of weird setting where it just went on and then off and then on and then off.  I informed her that the fan was driving me up the wall and could we just turn it off.


She was attempting to figure out the stand because her next client always liked to have a fan on.  I reassured her that if she turned it off I would put her fan together after my hour.


She told me that she didn’t like to read directions and I agree that I didn’t like them either.  In fact one time, when Kevin had knee surgery and couldn’t do it himself, I put together an entire swing set all by myself.  I was really excited when I had extra pieces.  “See?” I told Kevin, “Apparently I’m more efficient than the swing set designers?”  For some reason, Kevin aka “Mr. Engineer” was NOT pleased.


But I digress.  After my class I sat down on the floor, looked at the fan, the screwdriver and all the screws and proceeded to build the fan for her. I then went through the controls to get rid of that stupid setting and put it back on regular fan mode.


What’s my point?  I’m like the greatest client on earth is my point.  Not only do I take a class and pay for it but also THEN I build you a fan after I’m done.


I don’t understand why there isn’t a bidding war for my services.

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One Comment

  1. Amanda
    December 12, 2012

    Duh!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it. And thank you Lynn, my hero! :):):)

    but, PS… fan is still very wobbly. I feel certain you just shoved things in holes & monkeyed with the tools for a few minutes so you could look cool in front of my next client. Then you left me to deal with the aftermath of this rogue fan.

    How’s that for raising the stakes on this aggressive bidding war? BAM.

    Lynn MacD, you know I love you ;)

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