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In which i blather on

Sleepy Hollow

I just talked to Keely … I’m psyched

Why am I psyched?

I haven’t talked to her in forever … well, a couple of days

Cuz she’s so damn busy …

Working on Sleepy Hollow

Speaking of which … YOU HAD BETTER WATCH IT!!!

When: TONIGHT! 9:00 on FOX

I think it’s going to be really good

… and no, it’s not that scary

… and yes, there is mythology and history and …

Did I mention Tom Mison?

He’s incredibly cute so there’s that!

Anyways Keely is doing great and working there

… and writing

… and writing

… and joining a writing group

… and getting good feedback on her writing

Which makes me happy

… and proud

… and excited

But she’s so, so busy

Which is why I haven’t spoken to her in a while

Which I sorta miss…I like talking to my kids


Andie is busy too!

This Med School stuff takes up lots of time

So she doesn’t call much either

So that basically leaves Daniel


But has nothing to say


Here’s an example: How are you Daniel?


How is school?


Are you meeting new people?


Anything to tell me?


How’s club lacrosse?


So I guess you get the picture

So that leaves Gil and Herc and Tucker and Butterscotch to speak to

Ya know, since Kevin goes to work

Oh yeah, and I got a new car

Its true … I feel a bit guilty though

Cuz the other one was awesome

I’ll tell you about it another day

This post is long enough


Cuz I want it to succeed

So Keely will continue to have a job


Alright I’m done


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  1. Paula
    September 16, 2013

    I’ve been waiting for Sleepy Hollow to come on since the first preview. I can’t believe Keely gets to work on it!! That’s great!!
    I’ll be watching tonight for sure now. :)

    • Lynn
      September 16, 2013

      Yeah!!! And get all your friends too!!!

      • Paula
        September 17, 2013

        Well I got to watch most of the first episode last night and looking forward to watching next weeks episode. :)

        • Lynn
          September 17, 2013

          Yeah thanks

  2. Karen
    September 17, 2013

    I saw it last night and we loved it! Can’t wait till next week!

    • Lynn
      September 17, 2013

      So did we!!

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