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In which i bought a new fitbit


Guys, how are ya? You’re probably wondering if I’m dead. I’m NOT!


I’m just doing shit I hate doing and therefore there’s nothing interesting to write about now is there?


I just bought a new fitbit. I had a fitbit but it quit working and it’s not like I’m dying to count my steps or calories but in the last couple of years I’ve gained 10 pounds.


I know that I have lousy eating habits and although I do work out I guess its old age AKA MENOPAUSE.


Basically it sucks. I never had any bad symptoms or shit like that like some people do but still, it wrecked my metabolism and gave me a spare tire around my stomach. I hate the spare tire and I feel like I would have to try quite a bit to get rid of it.


I say that because it’s been TWO YEARS and nothing has changed.


That means that I will have to change, which is NOT my forte.


So I figured that I should at least log my calories on a daily basis. IT makes me more responsible, something that I do not excel at.


I figured that maybe getting INVISALIGN would help but it doesn’t seem to. Even though I’m not noshing as much during the day I must be eating the same number of calories.


I told Kevin “if the only thing that comes from INVISALIGN is that my teeth are straight I’m going to be disappointed” and he found that very amusing.


But seriously, how hard to you have to work at this shit?


So last week I went to San Francisco to help out Daniel. He moved there the week before and got an apartment on Saturday and started work on Monday.


He and his roommate each had an air mattress and Daniel had some beer glasses and that was it.


Saturday afternoon I suggested he buy some TOWELS and a SHOWER CURTAIN so he could at least shower but he said they were going to play basketball. I then pointed out that it seems that TOWELS and a SHOWER CURTAIN should be considered mandatory.


He bought a towel. Like one towel. I realized at that moment that due to his schedule and his lack of decision making skills that perhaps I should go help get this apartment stocked up.


So I did. After all, I’ve always helped out the girls and poor little Daniel has gotten ripped off.


I did order some living room and bedroom furniture, which should be arriving soon. Daniel and his roommate broke down and bought two folding chairs because the one thing they did buy IMMEDIATELY was a TV because … BOYS!


SO that’s why I haven’t been around.


Were there funny stories? Some, not many. I just haven’t been in the mood but I’m hoping the fitbit and new attitude will change that.


See ya.

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  1. Julie
    July 7, 2016

    I bought 3 pair of shorts last summer that fit like they were made for me. This summer, I can barely button them. I weigh exactly the same as last year. Damn menopause has my body “shifting”. Ugh.

  2. chacha1
    July 7, 2016

    Menopause is a bitch. I haven’t had hot flashes or terrible insomnia or headaches or any of those things (of course I am only 50 and probably have ten more years to develop shitty symptoms), but I DO get brain fog and mood swings, and this belly business is a royal pain. We’ve got so many other stressors right now that most of the time I DGAF, but occasionally I look at the dance dresses I can’t wear and … yeah.
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  3. Theresa
    July 8, 2016

    I hope your kids know they scored on the mom front! Daniel is hilarious! The things boys will survive on kills me!

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