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In which i can NOT take these animals


These animals are going to be the death of me. No seriously, I’m not kidding. I can’t include the fish here because they were swimming around when I left and they’re swimming around now when I got home but Tucker and Butterscotch are another story.


Let’s start with Butterscotch. She hates the vets so since I already need someone to come in and feed the fish it’s much easier to leave her here too. She doesn’t like being alone all that much but she really hates getting in the car and going to the vets. We left on Saturday morning so before I left I changed her litter boxes.


Yes boxes because she has one upstairs and one downstairs. So I changed the boxes and we put food out both upstairs and downstairs and that was that. On Saturday morning we fed her and the fish and Carol was coming Monday to do some stuff around the house, feed the fish, feed Butterscotch AND pay attention to Butterscotch!


We were coming home Tuesday so we figured that would be fine.


So we get home and Butterscotch is all “needy” so we let her do whatever she wants.


She wants to go out.

She wants to go out one door and circle around to the other door.

She wants to come in.


She wants to go out.

She wants to go back to the other door.

She wants to come in.


Oh! She wants to go out the FRONT door.

Now she is back at the back door.

She wants to come in.


You get the drift. Good news is that she only goes to certain doors.


Finally we go into our room and she comes to cuddle. Then she jumps down. Oops! She’s up again. Now down.


We go to sleep. At 3:30 she knocks over my water glass. Thank god it didn’t wake Kevin. I clean it up. I would glower at her but it’s pitch dark and she’s long since disappeared.


At 5:00 she starts meowing. Now keep in mind that this cat NEVER meows. Seriously NEVER; except during a thunderstorm. They scare her.


Kevin gets up and lets her outside. What a pain in the ass!


I go work out and then go to the vets to get Tucker.


Oh no! The doctor wants to speak to me. Shit, that’s never good. Yup … no good. He’s got a growth on his toe and it’s infected and he’s wearing the cone of shame.


They bring him in and he smashes into everything. I fucking hate those cones but guess what?? He has 10 more days in the cone and they’ll know if it’s a growth or simply an infection. If it’s a growth they can’t remove it because as you know, he has cancer and that could be cancer too.


So my job is to clean it (yuck) and medicate him. So right now I keep hearing banging because he is smashing into everything because of this stupid cone.


Do you see what I mean about these pets???


I’ll never survive.

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  1. You love these animals really ;)
    sisters from another mister recently posted..Frugal Blogging or perspectiveMy Profile

    • Lynn
      June 19, 2014

      no, I don’t think so

  2. My Special Kind of Crazy
    June 19, 2014

    My pet is driving us crazy, too! She’s a 7-yr old Swiss Mountain Dog, around 100lbs and sometimes she still thinks she’s a puppy and will get all jumpy and playful with dogs that REALLY ARE younger and then she gets all gimpy and limps around whining for a few days. This time she really overdid it. we’ve practically had to carry her outside to pee (remember, 100 lbs…), had to put her food bowl right under her face, and she makes these pathetic whines every time you try to get her up.
    BUT- then a delivery guy came to the door and you’d never even know she’s been having problems! She acted like all 4 limbs were perfectly fine and was all “let me jump all over you!”.
    Guess what she’s doing now? Whining, limping even WORSE, and making us put food right under her face. Trip to the vet for her!

    • Lynn
      June 19, 2014

      i can’t even imagine a dog that big. He’s a pain in the ass and he’s basically 28 pounds although he used to be 38.

  3. Julie
    June 19, 2014

    Our stupid cat thinks she is an Olympic High Jump contender. We had to wait until she was six months old to get her declawed (front paws) and in that time she SHREDDED the paint on every door frame in the house. She goes wild almost every evening at around 8:00, flying around the house, running in circles and “jumping” up the door frames. That evil beast can jump around 4 feet. Maybe I’ll send you a few pictures of her destruction.

    • Lynn
      June 21, 2014

      wow! she sounds like a terror

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