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In which i CANNOT get a flight right


I guess we’ll start with the statement “Andie is annoyed with me.” Not that this is such an unusual statement but it’s a true one this morning.  I’m sitting on my flight somewhere over the middle of the country flying back to North Carolina from California.  To tell my little tale, I guess I’ll start at the beginning.


Ok.  Andie just looked at the first paragraph and started making fun of me.  Of course, she’s using one of her many, many voices (Andie can talk in about a million voices) so I’m not actually sure that it’s Andie making fun of me.


Ok, she’s gone (not physically but she’s no longer glaring at me) so I can continue.


We had a 7:45 AM flight from LAX to Charlotte and I figured that if we got a cab at 6:00 from the hotel we’d be just fine. I actually checked with the concierge and they assured me that 45 minutes was fine for the cab at that time of day.  I figured that since the flight was at 7:45 I should get there at 6:45 because that’s what I always do at home.


So, we hop in the cab and we whip to the airport and we actually get there at 6:25 AM, which is crazy fast in my opinion.  We walk past this massive line and go into US Air to check the bags and get our boarding passes.  That line isn’t too, too bad and by 6:35 we have our boarding passes and have dropped off our luggage.


Sweet! Now all we have is security and we can get some breakfast and coffee at Starbucks just in time to board the plane right? WRONG!


First, we walk up to the security:


Security:         you can’t enter here.  Get in the back of the line.


Me:                  the line outside?


Security:         yes


Me:                  isn’t that for Southwest? We’re on US AIR


Security:         it’s for ALL airlines.  Get in the line



So we get in the line WHICH IS OUTSIDE and Andie starts bitching at me.


Andie:             are you kidding me mom?


Me:                  how is this my fault?


Andie:             this is why US AIR sucks?


Me:                  I’ve never had this happen before here


Andie:             we’re about 200 people back and it’ll take forever


So I kill her.  No, I didn’t but I wanted to.  Finally we move up to the security area and the next TSA person says:


TSA:                go upstairs to the other security


Me:                  what?
TSA:                This one is full, go upstairs


So Andie starts bitching at me and I kill her.  No, I didn’t but I wanted to.  We walk upstairs and there’s another huge line there.  We’re standing in line and Andie is saying we should have flown Delta and I’m thinking I should have purchased “Preferred boarding” which would have gotten me through security faster and it’s annoying and Andie says:


Andie:             why does it say boarding is at 6:55?


(By the way, it’s 6:57 right that minute)


Me:                  that’s strange; our flight is at 7:45


Andie:             then why does it say our flight is at 7:25?


Me:                  7:25? That can’t be right?


Andie:             are you kidding me mom? You totally screwed up?


Me:                  ummmmm


Andie:             are you illiterate?


(by the way, I think this is the wrong question.  A better question is why I never check out the details)


Me:                  no.  I thought it was 7:45


Andie:             well it’s 7:00 now and we’re going to miss our plane


(Honestly.  I have no answer here and she’s being really nasty to me)


So we finally get to the ID check and I explain the situation to the TSA guard


TSA:                I’m sorry but we can’t bump you to the front of security


Me:                  well, we have 18 minutes and we’ll miss our plane


TSA:                you can start asking people


And Andie is irate so I start asking people because 3 lines have merged to one before you go into the x-ray machine.  So over and over again I’m saying “excuse me, our flight is in 20 minutes, would you mind if we fronted you?”


I must say that people were incredibly nice and we got up to the front and I got through security ahead  of Andie and told her I was going to run and hold the plane.


I got to the gate and they were still boarding and we had 10 full minutes left.


Andie:             what about breakfast?


Me:                  we don’t have time


Andie:             so we won’t eat until Charlotte?


So I ran and bought 3 granola bars and some water, we boarded the plane and Andie would NOT speak to me at ALL.


Well, not until she needed a few answers to the LA Times crossword puzzle.


Later, she wanted to know how it was possible that I was always screwing things up and truthfully, I have no answer.  I am as shocked as anyone.


Andie:             why didn’t you check?


Me:                  I checked our seats


Andie:             why didn’t you check the time?


Me:                  I guess I assumed that I knew it


Andie:             why did you think it was 7:45?


Me:                  I have absolutely no idea


But then I realized that our flight from Greensboro to LA was at 7:45 so I guess that number just stuck in my head.


I think a better question is “why doesn’t anyone check the flight arrangements KNOWING that I always screw up?”  I think this one is on Andie for not rechecking stuff.  Agreed?

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  1. Faith.TheBlonde.
    July 31, 2013

    Okay…so this post is having me make about 50 notes to myself to double check our flight times since we’re flying this week. Where did I put my post-its????

    • Lynn
      July 31, 2013

      yeah, check all the details. Thats where I always go wrong

  2. I am so like you it is scary. I have learnt to have notes in the iPhone, in the diary and I have people re-check things for me at home.

    The scary thing is that I am not like that at work…..
    Ribena Tina @ ribenamusings recently posted..A little slice of history….and paradiseMy Profile

    • Lynn
      July 31, 2013

      I’m like that with everything…

  3. Julie
    July 31, 2013

    As Andie is just about to start med school, I’m guessing she is intelligent enough to handle travel plans. Let her arrange the next trip while you sit back and relax.

  4. Brad Procton
    July 31, 2013

    You have an iPhone, right? And you have a Delta app, right? And you’re an ex-IT and Math Sciences major, right? From Johns Hopkins, right? So………..export the flight information from the Delta app to your calendar……………and it will bug the Hell out of you to get the information right. It works too. OK?

    I’m just sayin’.


    Your Big Brother

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