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In which i can’t even remember the day anymore


0-2This is unbelievable.  I’m here in Los Angeles and we’re finally at a place that I can unpack all my stuff.  We’re getting ready to go look at apartments and I figured that I would write another post but seriously, I can no longer even remember what happened 2 days ago!!! TWO DAYS!!!

I just asked Keely and she pointed out that we drove from Oklahoma City to Gallup, New Mexico.  Ok, now I remember.  I was kind of sad on the way into Oklahoma City because of the Trail of Tears.  You see, when we were going through North Carolina we had to pass by Cherokee.  I pointed out that I had been to Cherokee when I was a little girl and that I have never forgotten it.  When I was a teenager I read “Bury my heart in Wounded Knee” and I’ve never forgotten the Trail of Tears.

You see, the US Government decided that the Cherokee’s no longer needed to live in the beautiful and green mountains of North Carolina but that Oklahoma would be a better place for them.  Then they made the entire tribe WALK to Oklahoma.  You heard me, WALK. Some Indians stayed behind which is why there are still some in North Carolina but the vast majority walked to Oklahoma leaving many dead along the way hence Trail of Tears.

I was talking to Keely about this sad history in NC and when we got to Oklahoma we passed one Indian Nation after another.  Seems like half the state of Oklahoma is Indian Reservations.  I was feeling sad about it when Keely and I had the following conversation:


Me:     We are basically redoing the Trail of Tears.

Keely:  well, not exactly

Me:   this is how they went though. From NC to Oklahoma

Keely:   that’s true

Me:  well, we are retracing The Trail of Tears then.

Keely:   except we’re driving

Me:   that’s a good point

Keely:  and a pretty big difference

Me:   yeah, probably wouldn’t have been as tearful in a car


so yeah, there was that.  Let me ask Keely if there were any other highlights of the day.  Well, she can’t remember either.  That’s what happens to your brain on long road trips.  I’ll let you know some more stuff later.

Oh yeah, we went through the Texas Panhandle for a few hours and I absolutely loved this sign about RATTLESNAKE warning.  Funnily enough, it was pretty near a small playground.  Also, Texas had the nicest rest area I’ve ever been in.  Wow … see I DO remember shit!


Also BEST PART OF TEXAS was the 75 mph speed limits.  AWESOME!!


See ya

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