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In which i catalog my week

In the last week these are the things that I have decided to do with my life:

  • Quit writing my blog
  • Keep writing my blog
  • Start submitting my writing to other sites to expand my blog
  • Quit writing my blog
  • No way I’m submitting to other sites…I’m too damn lazy
  • Start writing my book
  • Make a documentary on writing my book
  • Include a segment in the documentary of interviews with people I knew when in was in High School, college and New York to see the difference in how people perceived me versus how I perceived myself
  • Find a really cool director to help with the video
  • Win an award at Sundance because the video is so compelling and awesome
  • Why would I want to be on film?  I hate being on film.  There’s no fucking way I’m making a video.
  • Why would I want to go to Sundance? I don’t even ski?
  • Win the lottery
  • Write a book about Daniel and his journey
  • Write a really good, uplifting book on Daniel and his journey
  • Give people a lot of hope that things will get better when they read the book
  • Realize that that would be an arduous task and maybe I need help writing said book
  • Realize that people could get false hope from said book and that would be awful
  • Change my mind and go back to original premise of book
  • Realize that writing that book would be an arduous task too
  • Just keep writing the blog instead
  • Make plans to start sculpting again
  • Worry that having shoulder surgery might impede my sculpting
  • Maybe I should do the Alcatraz swim in San Francisco?
  • Could I do that swim with my bad shoulder?
  • No, just start sculpting again
  • Maybe I should start painting instead?
  • What about the blog? Should I stay with it?
  • Yes, I’ll blog about my sculpting and painting
  • Make plans to attend sculpting class in Sonoma Valley
  • After making ALL THE RESERVATIONS find out that you have out-of-town guests coming that week… FROM ENGLAND
  • Realize that I’m a dumbshit
  • Realize that I have a lot of plans to change
  • Realize that all this thinking is giving me a headache
  • Instead of actually dealing with anything, start writing this post
  • Realize that as per usual, I’ve accomplished nothing
  • Life is normal


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  1. Vinobaby
    June 7, 2011

    Sounds vaguely like my week…except instead of taking up sculpting again it was acting…but that would involve some cheesy little dinner theater where the senior citizens come and talk during the 5 o’clock early bird performance…and I’m afraid of rude old people…and creamed corn…guess I shouldn’t even bother to audition…

    Glad your life is “normal.”

    Vinobaby recently posted..The Day I Decided TO BEMy Profile

    • Lynn
      June 7, 2011

      my normal is pretty chaotic and crazy so yeah, all those random thoughts are normal. I’m not sure why anyone puts up with me.

  2. Katja Brown
    June 7, 2011

    Of all your thoughts, I like these the most:

    # Make a documentary on writing my book
    # Include a segment in the documentary of interviews with people I knew when in was in High School, college and New York to see the difference in how people perceived me versus how I perceived myself.

    As for the documentary, I happen to be related to the executive producer of the documentary “Negative Split”

    This movie won best social documentary at the NY international independent film and video festival! Let me know and I’ll introduce you to the right people Lynn!

    • Lynn
      June 7, 2011

      Thanks Katya…i just checked out the site and you know what, i know who Rick DeMont was because i was a swimmer and we were so upset about what happened to him. Thanks for always reading and commenting on my stuff.

      • Katja Brown
        June 7, 2011

        You are welcome Lynn! I forgive you for misspelling my first name because I realized after I re-tweeted one of your blogs the other day that I had misspelled your last name. I am sure that happens to you all the time!

        • Lynn
          June 7, 2011

          did i use a y? like Katya? sorry about that. People spell my name wrong all the time so i’m pretty used to it.

  3. Lolita Razzle Dazzle
    June 7, 2011

    I am so going to make a list of all the things I decided to do today, first on the list will be deciding to write a list and then second would be deciding there’s no real good way to explain in a comment exactly why you are stealing someone’s post, then decide just to tell that someone you’re stealing their post, then log into Blogger and realize this comment was so long I feel like I already posted today, decide to have a Slim Jim instead, fart.

    • Lynn
      June 7, 2011

      feel free to use the format. just link to this post so people see me too…if you don’t mind. or don’t. not to worry

  4. Cathy Procton
    June 7, 2011

    I am absolutely amazed at your list and is in a secure place as not to lose it.
    I would have the trouble with losing my list!

    As far as myself I also have been trying to figure out..
    should I get a part time job for the entertainment factor, we know there is no money to be made for a 50 plus that has worn a super-man cape for the last 25 years..
    should I volunteer for a non-profit so I can meet local folks in Myrtle Beach
    and would it be fun to get the training to provide credit counseling at one of these agencies’ or maybe a floral class…painting…who knows
    when all is said and done my day is always full and I will have to carve out the time for
    any of these
    oh well, off to the gym….someone just suggested Sweet Adelines…a capella…I don’t even sing!
    love you…love your blog..I usually read….star please…on my chart!

    • Lynn
      June 7, 2011

      hahaha…thanks Cathy

  5. RCB
    June 7, 2011

    ‘Quit writing my blog … Keep writing my blog.’ I wonder what you’ve got in store for yourself this week. But can I ask you something, Lynn – and I’m trying my best not to misspell your name :) What made you decide to start writing your blog? I hear people saying, it’s because bloggers like the word ME so much. My own colleagues have accused me of this, while in actuality it’s a very effective tool to expose their attempts at childish censorship – students are not allowed to discuss politics or religion in class…what? Yes! – and STEALING their PHD students’ work (click on the link if you don’t take my word for it). Boy, do they hate me. Anyway, I’m side-tracking. What made you start writing your blog?

    Randy from just across the Atlantic

    • Lynn
      June 7, 2011

      Good question! Last spring I was talking about writing a book about some of the funny stories I have to tell. I asked my girls to help me and they said no but one suggested i start individually writing out my stories, someone else said why don’t you write them in a blog and I remembered that I HAD A BLOG!!! It’s true, I had a blog that I had started years before.

      So I started writing in All Fooked Up and I’ve gone way, way off course because I haven’t even written most of the stories yet.

      So, there you are!!! Wow..there’s a post about Braveheart that explains how I got the name. Just use the search bar with Braveheart and you’ll find it.

      K bye

  6. If you didn’t have a blog, then you wouldn’t feel the need to go to others bloggers and comment.
    And then if you didn’t have people like me to visit who on some days give you a list of rules as long as your arm to follow – what else would you do?

    • Lynn
      June 8, 2011

      true true. actually, i get pretty slack about running around and commenting. That’s one of the problems. What else would i do? hmmmmmm

  7. Don E. Chute
    June 8, 2011

    Holy Crap that was just one week! And I thought I had a lot of stuff in my Blown Fuse Brain………..
    Don E. Chute recently posted..HUMP DAY 682K11My Profile

    • Lynn
      June 8, 2011

      Yeah…lots of thoughts but very little action. Story of my life

  8. Snort.

    This is my brain 24/7 except I can’t sculpt. Although I am sure I could if I put my mind to it. Hmmmm. Does papier mache count as sculpting? Because I did that this week to rave reviews. Mashed potatoes into mountains and gravy-filled valleys . . . did that too. Scraped a bunch of dog shit out of the smaller dog’s crate, resulting in a mountain of filthy paper towels . . . sort of an installation of sorts. Finger-painted with chocolate syrup that one night (never mind the details, but it was artistic).

    What the hell am I doing blogging, anyway?

    I am an artist!


    • Lynn
      June 10, 2011

      yeah…since the first time i read you which was about your sewing machine, i said “holy shit, this woman is my brain twin”. Even my husband thought so…you are an artist but you weave words into stories. You can write girl! Art can be taught…i mostly taught myself how to paint but i def took classes for sculpting.

  9. Marinka
    June 12, 2011

    That sounds exhausting. Maybe you better take next week off.

    • Lynn
      June 12, 2011

      Hahaha…I think I will. I only have one kid around and schools done so it’s pretty chill around here. I’m always so pleasantly surprised when I hear from you. Hope alls well with your nose now!

  10. oh, god, this was, give or take, pretty much my same thought process except I didn’t even write the stinkin’ post, I went to barnes and noble and read celebrity magazines. worse, i am supposedly against those mags, and yet…

    i’m only admitting this to you. it shall go no further.


    • Lynn
      June 14, 2011

      hahaha…probably we are all like this

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