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In which i celebrate my kids

It’s bizarre.  I’ve had so many ridiculous conversations in the last few days but for some reason, when all my kids are home, I can’t write.  I always thought that it would have been nice to have started a blog when the kids were younger and living at home so that I could always recount the funny events and stories that have occurred and yet, the opposite seems to hold true.


My normal routine is to get up and get people out the door, go to work out and then come home and write.  For some reason, when that routine is changed, like when I have kids sitting around the house, I don’t seem to be able to relax and write.  Even if they’re not around, just the knowledge that things are different seems to screw up the entire flow of my writing.


At any rate, I’m sitting here by myself in my office this Mothers Day attempting to write a post.  Although I do have some posts already planned for the week, they don’t seem particularly funny and/or interesting to me.  While I was working out this morning I had decided to write a post, a serious post, about my kids.   Now however, when I’m sitting here I can’t seem to remember why I wanted to do that.


Oh yeah, now I remember.  Neither Andie nor Keely will be around here all summer but for the next two weeks I will have a full house.  Keely is actually at the beach this weekend so there are only four of us here but still, considering Andie hasn’t lived at home in almost two years, it seems bizarre.


Daniel has had a hellacious few weeks in the sense that he’s had 5 exams, 4 AP Exams and SAT’s on Saturday so he asked, for the first time ever, if he could have a party last night.  We’ve always been quite amenable to our children having people over although there are rules that MUST BE FOLLOWED.  We were a bit nervous because we had never allowed Daniel to “entertain” before and obviously didn’t know his friends as well as we knew the girls friends.


Part of this is because both my girls were extremely outgoing while Daniel is shy an partly because my girls spoke and while Daniel isn’t completely mute, he’s damn close so we really don’t know that many of his friends well.  So he wanted to have some people over and he said there would be about 40 people there.


Now as I’ve said before, we knew the girls friends quite well and therefore we would float in and out of the party to see what was “going on” and mingle with the kids so there was a “presence” felt.  Unfortunately, we didn’t really know many of these kids and Daniel wasn’t as comfortable with us floating around.  Luckily, Andie and one of her friends (who also had a sibling in this grade) agreed to be our “party monitors.”


Their job would be so control the party, make sure things were going smoothly and nothing “untoward” was going down.  The end result was that Daniel was extremely responsible and the party went smoothly but the main thing that came out of the party was how supportive and proud Andie felt about Daniel and how thrilled Kevin and I were that his sister would so willingly help out her brother.


Sometimes it’s the little things that make you feel like you’ve done a decent job parenting.  While I know that Andie and Keely are proud of Daniel academically, seeing Andie being so supportive and yes, helpful socially was a big deal.


Knowing that my kids are working their way past the “sibling rivalry” stage and working together to help one another is honestly the best Mother’s Day present I could have.


So today, as I reflect back on previous Mother’s Day’s and look forward to the future, I realize that I have achieved at least one good thing in my life.  I have taught my children that siblings, for better or worse, are there for you in life.


I hope that your Mother’s Day was as wonderful as I know mine will be.


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  1. That’s really sweet of your daughter. And of you to publicly acknowledge her great sibling-ness (there’s no such word I know). I hope you had an awesome Mother’s Day Lynn!
    Alison@Mama Wants This recently posted..Out and aboutMy Profile

    • Lynn
      May 9, 2011

      I did have a good day so thanks. Yeah, for a few days until the snarling begins, I’m going to enjoy my kids.

      She was awesome that night.

  2. Lady Estrogen
    May 9, 2011

    That is very nice of her!
    My brother and I are almost 10 years apart, so it’s only been the last few years that we have got closer – I pretty much left home *just* when he was getting interesting. LOL

    Glad you had a great Mother’s Day :)
    Lady Estrogen recently posted..Housekeeping Housekeeping!My Profile

    • Lynn
      May 9, 2011

      She was so awesome with him and his friends that it was shocking to us as parents and made me think, ” there’s hope yet!!!”

      An unexpected gift for Mothers Day!!

  3. Name *
    May 9, 2011

    Just means you did an awesome job Mom!
    You taught them well.
    My brother and I are a HUGE chunk apart, he started school as i was done.
    Now we are both parents, and I love his wife (she just did a girls cruise with me) we have a great relationship – finally … because for years I didn’t really know him that well – and it was all my fault.

    Happy Mothers day – belated, but better late than never!
    Name * recently posted..Friday- a Recap and Link- and a ThanxMy Profile

  4. just lost my comment – crap!
    Well, good for you, job well done Mom and Happy Belated Mothers Day … and can’t remember what I wrote before … lol

    • Lynn
      May 9, 2011

      thank you…sometimes i remember that these kids aren’t too, too bad…i know it’s rare though

  5. Amy
    May 10, 2011

    This gives me hope that they won’t actually be at each other’s throats forever! This was a little thing that happened to speak volumes

    • Lynn
      May 10, 2011

      I know right? I was shocked…and surprised…and happy!

  6. Katie
    May 10, 2011

    Lynn- you almost made me CRY!!! One of my fave blog posts- although I do love the one about you talking to your mother & father in law about circumcision. LOL!! I’m glad you had a wonderful mothers day!!

    • Lynn
      May 10, 2011

      Thanks…didn’t mean to make you teary though

  7. mominrome
    May 11, 2011

    what a nice thought.

    it sounds so sweet.

    • Lynn
      May 11, 2011


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