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In which i discuss my feedback

I have been getting a lot of feedback from people reading this blog and I would like to share some of it with you, my trusty readers. It has varied from positive:

“2 words: F**king hilarious! Being twisted, honest and funny make for a great read – had me laughing more than I have in a long time. If I had known you were this funny and irreverent I would have made it a point to give you sh*t whenever possible I think you have the makings for a very amusing book if you choose to in the future. A lot of people will be able to identify with these situations. Don’t give up on the Comedy Central idea either.”


“Loved your blog! Reminds me of David Sedaris’ style–I love his books. I’ll make sure if I go anywhere with you I’m in charge of the tickets, etc.”


“I have read it and found it quite interesting but I am not surprised about any of it, not sure why you would want to expose your life – other than to be famous. I will follow it mainly because I know you but to be honest, as you requested, not sure I would if I did not know you. I am not a reality show type of person so I probably am not a good judge in that I can see where someone who likes that type of programming may well follow it.”

and this from a professional who was asked to look at the blog by a reader:

“Lynn sounds like she’d be a great talk show guest. I suspect she’s very entertaining in person. In fact I would be tempted to suggest that she try stand up. It would help her writing in a variety of ways. She’d get the immediate feedback she craves and it would help her timing and editing immensely. The lack of both often obfuscates ‘the funny’ in her writing. Her Xmas letters have a decidedly Sedarisesque feel and it’s obvious she can be funny. But if she really wants to understand the mechanics of making people laugh, she should really give stand up a try. Heffron Talent/The Comedy Zone and now Funny Business agency are both based in NC. Not sure precisely where she lives but I suspect there are open mic opportunities somewhere close by.

Next best thing…watch video of her favorite storytelling comedians and try to get a feel for the rhythm of funny material. Hope that helps.”

So here I am, armed with feedback and trying to figure out what to do with it. I really, really appreciate it all, both positive and negative but I would really like to discuss all this. I have now been compared to David Sedaris four times in the past two weeks. I had never followed either his radio broadcasts or books so I have gone and read some of his stuff and listened to him as well. HE IS MUCH, MUCH better than me. The guy is funny, and he can obviously write. At any rate, it does lead me to believe that maybe there’s something to all of this storytelling stuff.

I can’t even begin to count the number of times it has been recommended that I do standup over the years. There is only one problem. I am bipolar so even if I got to a comedy club in a good mood, by the time I was on stage I could be extremely irritable and would have absolutely nothing to say. I think the best forum for me is just chilling with people and drinking. That always gets me going, but I’m not sure where that forum is. And practice? Seriously, do I seem like the type of person to practice becoming good at something?

So therein lies the rub. Do I just keep going in my own style relying on my brand spanking new editor to clean up the mess I leave behind? Do I attempt to learn and actually improve my writing style? Do I continue? Do I give up? I just got the editor lately and obviously never had one for all those Christmas letters which I began writing a million years ago. I think she’s making my writing style better, but I’m not sure, and I’m also pretty damn positive I don’t care.

I got into all this because I have had a lot of funny things occur in my life and have also managed to make bad days, such as the day my mom died, into very funny stories as well. I have absolutely no shame and don’t have a problem making fun of either myself, or obviously, my family. My self-deprecating sense of humor is pretty much what you see is what you get. I have nothing to hide.

So I’m just going to soldier on, try to improve my writing style and continue to set these stories down on paper. I figure the rest will come. So it’s up to you guys, the public, to spread word of this blog if you like. So, keep up the comments and I’ll keep going. I have a million more stories to tell, and I shall do just that.

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  1. Robin
    September 15, 2010

    That's why I love you! You go girl!

  2. Carla E. Knight
    September 23, 2010

    You have inspired me to try to it. I need an outlet for my anger and depression, so maybe this is it. Anyway, you make me laugh and that's pretty damn important.

  3. Yael Cabrena
    February 11, 2011

    I like this concept. I visited your website for the first time and simply been your fan. Keep writing as I am going to come to read it everyday!!

    • Lynn
      February 12, 2011

      Why thank you and welcome

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