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In which i discuss my motivations

So…this morning I was trying to decide what my motivations are. It all began with me repeatedly telling people these stories and between that and my Christmas letters, people told me to write a book. So Andie (daughter number two) suggested that I start writing the stories down and then the transitions can be put in later. After joining LiveJournal to comment on some of the Fan Fiction I’ve been reading, I decided to use the Journal as a means to an end. I have also decided to go back to my long lost blog “All Fooked Up” because that format is just easier. However, now I’m wondering if I’m just completely narcissistic and egocentric and maybe they aren’t good stories. The problem with being narcissistic is that if all you do is think you’re the shit, you have absolutely no perspective. Actually, self correction here, I know I’m the shit. At any rate, upon further discussion with my husband, he recommended that I talk to my shrink about that.

Good news … my shrink says soldier on!!!

So, should I write down these stories? Are they the type of stories you would want to hear? Would you read a book about these type of things? Should I continue just “finding my voice” (another suggestion) or adjust my style?

Anybody? Anybody? Stay tuned for further updates.

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