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In which i discuss paperwork

As I sit here at my desk, I can see a huge pile of paperwork to my left just waiting to be addressed. I hate paperwork and I usually need to feel in a certain “mood” to attack it. I do the paperwork because after all, Kevin does work about 10 hours a day to provide for the family so I suppose it’s the least I can do. It’s also not on my “to do list” so I feel I should get bonus points for doing it. My rule of thumb has always been to let it pile up until it’s about two inches high. At that time, I feel like it’s probably time to do something about it so I sit down and attack it with a vengeance.

That strategy has always worked until the advent of Autopay. Now don’t get me wrong, I love, love, love Autopay and if everything in my life was like that, I would have no problems, but that’s not the case. Since about half my bills are Autopay, I have been receiving less mail. Ordinarily, I would tell you that’s a good thing but it seems like it’s taking longer and longer to reach the requisite two inches. As a result, bills are beginning to pile up. Normally, I wouldn’t worry about such a small thing as an “overdue” bill but the gas company apparently does. I didn’t realize they would actually turn off the gas until I went to take a shower and there was no hot water. I was all like WTF? Until I did a little research and it seemed a lack of payment was the issue. Can you believe they quibble about that crap? I had to show up IN PERSON at the gas company and clear that little mess up – and fast – before Kevin got home.

I would like to tell you that this is an isolated incident, but it’s not. The water has been cut off, the gas (as I said), and yesterday I got a “final notice of insurance termination” from my insurance company about our car insurance. It seems companies are less than thrilled with my bill paying methodology. I have since had to accommodate this issue by lowering the two inch rule to about an inch. However, as I glance left I see about three inches there so I suppose we could be in trouble.

Then there’s all the medical shit which is in a separate pile. I feel that the entire goal of the medical insurance industry is to make people feel like morons. You have your co-pay and that’s all good. But sometimes, there is no co-pay and you have to submit your bills directly to the company. At this point, they ask for documentation and try to intimidate you into forgetting about the whole damn thing. But if you decide to soldier on, then they try to screw with your head by confusing you about where you are in the reimbursement process.

This is bad enough with the normal wear and tear of life but Keely had a major medical problem last year so I’m completely covered with medical paperwork (it has its’ own two inch stack). So I pay the bill I’m sent from Duke Hospital, and then I get a check back from them saying I’ve overpaid. So I cash the check and guess what, I get another goddamn bill. Then I got another reimbursement and another bill. I’m so baffled at this point that I don’t even know where we are with the medical stuff so I’ve just moved the pile to the right and decided to only look left. It seems like a great plan to me although last night Kevin told me “the office is a mess.” A mess? Let him quit his “day job” and try to deal with this shit.

So that’s my views on paperwork. Well, I suppose I’ve put off the inevitable long enough. I’m going to get some coffee, fuel up and dig into the paperwork. If you don’t hear from me in about five minutes, just wait longer…

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  1. uberscribbler
    September 23, 2010

    Three words:




    That won't get the bills paid, and quite possibly could result in your becoming homeless, possibly even lead to criminial prosecution for arson.

    But at least the paperwork would be no more.

    And if you're actually thinking of going in this direction, please don't. My own family went through a house fire back in '73; scariest, saddest thing in the world is to see your life go up in smoke.

    Admittedly, I was upset mainly because I lost my stuffed dog 'Snuffy' in the blaze. No one ever said the priorities of children were logical.

  2. Carla E. Knight
    September 23, 2010

    I can absolutely relate. Unfortunately, your system of denial is even more organized than mine.

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