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Brad Procton


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    August 10, 2015


    I don’t remember meeting you as a kid. I knew Brad had a younger brother. I was in class with Brad that year. He was hit by the car near the end of our street. One of the neighbours up the street heard that a boy was hit and they thought it was me. That happened many years later. It was a terrible accident. That was in third grade. The next time Brad was in a class of mine was in sis the grade. He was healed up much better then but his blind eye was apparent. Either it was half closed or didn’t track with the other. At the end of that year we had a competition with the fifth grade in some sort of class field day. Brad represented us in a distance track event. He didn’t do well in that one. The next year was a new school and we had gym together. The gym teacher would make us run around the athletic fields which was a fair distance. This time Brad was at the head of the pack even before the jocks in the class. I think he started swimming on a team in the six months or so between the two occasions and he was a different guy. I’ve only seen him once since then and it was after I finished university. That accident was a pretty heavy burden to overcome. At least by junior high school it seemed like he made pretty good progress towards that goal.

    • Lynn
      August 16, 2015

      wow…that’s incredible. I just saw this. Yeah the day is seared in my memory too.Thanks for the comment

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