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In which i discuss the laundry

I don’t do laundry. Not because I can’t but because it’s just been forbidden. You see, Kevin has a problem with the way I do laundry. It’s not that it’s difficult … you just put the clothes in the washer, add the detergent and turn it on. When that’s complete, you simply put it in the dryer. No… that part I can handle. It’s the next part where we run into complications. I’m a person who isn’t bothered by the petty details of life … and Kevin is an engineer. You get the picture. It’s all about dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s to him so he has issues with my folding style. I don’t have one. I hate folding laundry with a passion and don’t worry about the little things like wrinkles.

They don’t bother me at all. I mean we’re not talking starving children in Africa here…we’re talking about a few wrinkles in your jeans … or t-shirts. Usually if you wear them for a while, they come out anyways and if not … it’s not like we’re in a beauty contest or anything. I’m completely comfortable with being a slob … I mean I wear a t-shirt and either leggings or gym shorts every day depending on the season so I certainly don’t let things like a few wrinkles in said items deter me from getting through the day and it’s not like Kevin has a career as a fashion model or anything.

But Kevin has real issues with wrinkles. I mean he even wants his jeans folded neatly … so if I fold them he comes out of the laundry room shaking his head and says, “Lynn, did you fold the laundry again.” Now don’t start feeling too sorry for Kevin because it’s not as bad as you think. We have somebody come in who takes care of the laundry (shout out Carol!). She’s been with us almost 20 years and starting babysitting when Andie was born and then just eventually took over more and more of the daily running of our house. Now I know this sounds spoiled, and it is! But it’s really more for Kevin than me. Now that I think about it, I’m a real altruist. The sacrifices I make for love. I don’t mind things screwed up and he does … Carol even folds his underwear. Seriously folks … HIS UNDERWEAR!

So, when she’s not around … being that Kevin spends about 10 hours a day at work … I take over the every day drudgeries around here and that includes the laundry. A few years ago, Carol had the misfortune to be in a serious car wreck. Needless to say, she wasn’t around here for about two months. I was doing the laundry when the following conversation took place:

Kevin:         “Lynn, you can’t do the laundry anymore. I just can’t take it!”

Me:            “What’s wrong with it? Everything is clean.”

Kevin:         “Look at these jeans, they look like they were crushed in the dryer”

Me:            “What’s your point?”

Kevin:         “The point is no more folding for you.”

Me:             “Who’s going to do it then? Carol’s not around”

Kevin:         “Well, I guess I’ll just have to do it then”

Me:            “You can’t do it. It will take so much time up and then who’s going to do the cooking and cleaning?”

Yes folks, that was a real conversation that Kevin and I had and we still laugh about it to this day. Needless to say, I have perfected the art of avoiding work and folding laundry has moved onto the list of “things that Lynn is forbidden to do”. But don’t worry … Kevin isn’t doing it either because … Carol’s back!

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  1. Robin
    September 1, 2010

    Yeah, I don't fold the laundry either. That's why I had kids.

  2. Anne
    September 1, 2010

    I'm crazy about how my t-shirts are folded too. If they're folded wrong, I'll actually go through and re-fold every shirt and try to smooth out the wrinkles. That, or I'll put them back in the dryer to let the wrinkles fall out and then I will refold them. I would ban you from folding too!

  3. m_davis64
    September 1, 2010

    Sorry Lynn- but this time I have to side with Kevin– 4 years in the military and I cant stand wrinkles- and I even fold underwear!! I iron my sons school clothes- its aperection thing I guess…
    Luckily my husband doesn't care- he actually did his own laundry and housecleaning before I came along-

  4. cpp
    September 1, 2010

    I love that Kevin and btw you are making us all jealous perfect husband and housekeeper…I mean seriously…we all will want to train for your position…except I do have to have those t-shirts folded exactly so they fit on the shelf and well those wrinkles scream out about their imperfection…everyone wants to control that!

  5. She's Not That Cool
    October 18, 2010

    Putting away laundry is my LEAST favorite household task…& it's in close competition with anything floor related…I have piles…a clean pile that lives on top of the dresser & a dirty pile that lives on the floor…if something is too wrinkled to wear from the clean pile, I just throw it back in the dryer for a few minutes… =)

  6. Ragemichelle
    November 28, 2010

    That is SO funny. I have also been banned from doing laundry. I can fold and put away (which is the hard part in IMHO). My other half doesn't give a crap about wrinkles. If he did, though, I'm sure I'd be banned from folding as well.

  7. Casey Freeland
    December 11, 2010

    Best way to get out of anything is to pretend you can’t do it. Congratulations. Not only are you not ASKED, but you are FORBIDDEN. You are the true master of avoidance.



    • Lynn
      December 11, 2010

      Hahaha…yeah. I’m forbidden from a great many things. I’m actually not quite sure what function I provide in this family…at ALL? I suppose I am a master at avoidance. I never realized what a skill that is. Thanks for commenting.

  8. Karla Telega
    December 11, 2010

    I’m an all or nothing kind of girl. If I can’t do it right, I don’t do it. That explains my 24 hour pajamathons. Sometimes it rocks to have no clean jeans in the house.

  9. London City Mum
    January 15, 2011


    Laundry. Pet hate. ‘Nuff said.

    LCM x

    • Lynn
      January 15, 2011

      Just be terrible at it and it gets taken away…at least that’s what happened here.

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