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In which i drove and got nowhere

Chaos Ahead Traffic Sign

Can I just tell you the down side of having kids in school near you? Of course I can because as you know it’s my blog. Hahaha


So I think I’ve mentioned that Daniel broke his toe the other week playing soccer barefoot.  After telling him he was an idiot (which he probably already knew) and sending the x-rays to my friend Dan I basically ignored him.  After all, he was down at school with a boot and crutches and you know, whatever.


So yesterday, I’m  heading to Pilates when Daniel calls at 8:15.  That’s right 8:15 AM.  Now this is an hour that I rarely ever hear from kids (even when they’re home they’re asleep) so I figure no good can come from answering the phone but answer the phone I did.


Daniel explains that last night, as he was going to sleep, he accidentally slammed his toe into his backpack (which weighs a lead ton) and that his toe was “killing him” and he “couldn’t sleep all night” and that “maybe it got displaced” and yada, yada, yada he should see a doctor.


By now I’m at Pilates but I call Dan and explain the situation and Dan tells me he’s leaving for the beach in a bit. NOOOOOOOOOOOO.


That didn’t change his mind but he did say he would set up an appointment for Daniel at 2:00 with his colleague to make sure everything was in place.  Why did it matter? OF course it’s just a toe but if it’s near the joint (it was) and it’s not lined up (which it had been) then it’s possible they’d have to straighten it (ouch) or put a pin in it (goddamnit) so that’s why it mattered.


So I call Daniel and he says he can’t drive.  DAMN IT!  So of course, I have to cancel lunch plans and drive 1 hour to Duke and pick up the idiot and drive 1 hour back for the appointment.  WHICH I DO because I’m an awesome mom (I really don’t mean to be but I can’t help it)


Long story short, it’s still broken (shocking) but still lined up (he’s a moron) and they wanna recheck him in 1 to 2 weeks (which ain’t gonna happen because he’s screwed up the timing of his fall break now).


So I tell him we’re going home so I can check and see if Tucker shit all over my house (he didn’t) and also I had cookie dough (don’t ask … I was in a mood the day before and made batter to eat.  Shut up!) which he loved.  So we went home and we ate the batter (ugghhhh…this is why I can’t lose weight) and then he wanted to go back.


We decided to meet Andie for dinner (I don’t even know why because she basically told Daniel he was an idiot) and I drove Daniel 1 hour back to Duke, had dinner and then drove 1 hour home.


Basically I drove 4 hours yesterday and got absolutely nowhere which I suppose is the story of my life.


Conclusion: My kids are idiots and Andie better become a Doctor soon because I’m over this crap.

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  1. Julie
    October 15, 2013

    I have an idiot and a half at home ~ daughter 100%, The Mister 50%.

  2. Farrah | Free Animated Gif
    October 16, 2013

    Oh life! I know how life can get so crazy when you’re with idiots and much worse, you have to deal with them because you actually have no better choice left…bitter-sweet that’s how life often turns out to be.
    Farrah | Free Animated Gif recently posted..You did what with my nuts?!My Profile

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