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In which I failed at being quiet



Its Sunday and I’ve been out here (LA) three days now and I really should have a ton to write about and yet I’ve written nothing. Well, that’s not completely true I suppose, I did write one post.


On Friday, Amy and I went to the set of “How to Live With Your Parents for the Rest of Your Life” and I was really excited. It was at Fox Studios and we got there, parked and walked over to the offices. Keely had already been pretty excited just being around there and when she got to be an extra, she was over the moon.


So we got to the set and it was really, really interesting. I’m not allowed to really say much about it but I will tell you this. We got there and Amy told me to make sure that I stayed out of everyone’s way and that I shouldn’t talk and ask questions.


Well, you know me. That’s easier said than done. At first I just watched but pretty soon I was asking the sound guy how things worked and making remarks and Amy was like “shhhhh Lynn” and basically I failed.


Later I was saying “wasn’t that sound guy nice to be answering all my questions?” and Amy said “you were totally interrupting him and I told you to hush” but honestly, I’m not cut out for being quiet so I did the best I could.


NOTE TO READER: Amy just pointed out that she was not the bad guy.  That, in fact, I was chatting with the sound guy who then made a mistake because he wasn’t paying attention therefore I really, REALLY shouldn’t have been chatting with the sound guy.  Ok everyone???? Did I clear that up?? They had to reshoot the scene because of me ok?????? Happy Amy????


Can I continue now?


I saw Sarah Chalke filming but I didn’t meet her. Keely did though. She met Sarah (who loved Keely’s earrings) and Brad Garrett and Elizabeth Perkins.


Also, we saw the set on Fox Studios where they film all the “New York” street scenes.  I totally recognized some of the stuff from How I Met your Mother. It was cool.  I took a quick picture but they wouldn’t allow us to walk that way.  Bummer


After we left we went shopping and I bought a pair of funky boots. Beyond that, it was just having fun and hanging out and enjoying ourselves. I do have one quintessential Keely story to tell though.


That night Keely, Amy and I went to this sushi restaurant. It was kinda small and a hole in the wall so that’s the set up. We get there and Amy sits in the booth and Keely and I sit across from her and we’re looking at the menu.


Amy: so the English isn’t good here

Keely: what?

Amy: the English

Keely: huh?

Amy: it’s not good here

Keely: what’s English

Amy: it’s a language

And then we all cracked up. Keely thought she meant English like an English roll, sort of like a California roll. That kid! What can I say??


So there you are. That’s how things are going. I think Keely likes it here and I’d be surprised if she didn’t move out. So that’s me. Hope all is well with you.


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  1. Mayor Gia
    October 9, 2012

    Sarah Chalke! Very cool. I loved Scrubs.
    Mayor Gia recently posted..Birthday Wish ListMy Profile

    • Lynn
      October 9, 2012

      Cool right???

  2. Julie
    October 9, 2012

    Did Amy really expect you to keep quiet? Does she know you at all??

    • Lynn
      October 9, 2012

      She just pretended that she didn’t know me :)

  3. Jester Queen
    October 9, 2012

    And I bet the scene was even better the second time around, RIGHT?

    • Lynn
      October 9, 2012

      Who knows…the whole process is sorta confusing. ’twas funny though

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