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In which i failed at it all

Thought I’d give you a status update on all the stuff going on around here:


Remember last week I had a big excavation job going on?

And the hot water heater went out?

And I was finally getting my 3rd dishwasher in 3 weeks?

And Kevin was out of town?

So that meant I was in charge of a lot of shit?

Which is normally no big deal but …

… Kevin is a second guesser?

Yeah, that was last week.

So Kevin comes home on Friday …

After working 14 hour days for a week

And asks how things are going?

I explain that the dishwasher is perfect …

… it works

… it has the decorative panel

… it’s completely flush with the other cabinets

… I’m all proud of myself

… for a job well done

… and you know what he says?





Yup, the fucking margins are off

The dishwasher is flush on the left side

… but there’s about 1/8th of an inch on the right side

I glare at him

I gape at him

I curse at him


You see people??? That’s what I have to deal with!

Then I tell him about the deck

That the guys excavating have done an incredible job

And he asks me “why there is a concrete band showing?”

I tell him they said, “it was necessary to keep the patio pressure off the deck”

He says, “we never agreed on that”

I tell him that I quit

He gives me “the look”

He goes down to take a look

He gives me another look

On Saturday we went down under the deck

He admits they did a fantastic job

Living with a professional engineer is not for the weak-hearted

He finally admitted I did a good job

Huge sigh of relief … until the next time that is

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  1. Ribenatina
    October 30, 2012

    Ha ha. I can only imagine what your reaction was.

    I am a bit obsessive about cleaning, I say a bit – Hubby says I am mental. When he moved in he had to sit me down and tell me it was impossible to keep the house as clean as I wanted it with 3 dogs (now 4), work, study etc without going mad. To this day, I have to forcibly tell myself not to comment on his and Beautiful B’s cleaning when they help out.
    Ribenatina recently posted..Spare a thought for New York and America todayMy Profile

    • Lynn
      October 30, 2012

      My husband is such a second guesser that i spend half my life trying to figure out what it is he would want.

  2. Julie
    October 30, 2012

    I’m impressed that you glared and gaped before cursing. You have the patience of a Saint.

    • Lynn
      October 30, 2012

      well, I’m just used to him, that’s all

  3. Ashley Simpson
    October 30, 2012

    “Cleanliness is virtue” – this is the impression that I bear in my mind. Sometimes it seems to be a little bit tough after handling all the daily chores, but I try my best to give the house a neat & clean look.

    Appreciate your feelings towards cleaning :-)
    Ashley Simpson recently carat diamond ringsMy Profile

    • Lynn
      October 30, 2012


  4. Brigett C
    October 30, 2012

    OMG….I also have a husband like that….critiques every fuckin’ thing…he’s also an engineer…perfectionist…ocd….asshole extraordinare!! LOL…gotta love em! Does yours have a photographic memory?? If he does, God bless and keep you.

    • Lynn
      October 30, 2012

      no…he doesn’t but he has a keen eye to details

  5. Jester Queen
    October 30, 2012

    Oh no! And you don’t say, “Listen, do it yourself.” Because he will. Only he won’t because he has to work and stuff. So it will never get done. And you’ll be washing your hands with cold water in the sink of dirty dishes for all eternity.

    • Lynn
      October 30, 2012


    • Name *
      November 7, 2012

      Hilarious…and very true!!

  6. Sydney Harrison
    October 30, 2012

    What are you doing is for the welfare of all. From my point of view, there should not be any king of compromise regarding cleanliness. After all it ensures the safety of all family members.

    Sydney Harrison recently posted..exchangeMy Profile

  7. Lynn
    November 7, 2012

    My husband is an engineer as well and feels that his purpose in life is to solve EVERY PROBLEM known to man. It is exhausting! I just say can’t I just live my life and worry about my problems without worrying about every other messed up thing around us?!?! Seriously with 3 kids ages 15, 12 and 8, I don’t have the time or mental energy to figure out (or care) how to fix the traffic patterns at my daughter’s high school or worry about the process in which parents should be assigned to volunteer for jobs related to their kids’ sports activities! I feel for you…there are certain things that I used to voice an opinion on but have learned over the years that it’s better just to keep quiet for my own sake (and sanity). :-)

    • Lynn
      November 7, 2012

      Hahaha…I feel for you :))

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