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In which i filed away my brain


You know when you have a really funny idea for a post and you think “oh, this will be a piece of cake” and then you realize that you have to get a photo of the TEXT conversation that you had on your phone so you take the screenshot and THEN you have to email it to your computer where you actually do your writing but then you accidentally delete it on your phone because of COURSE you don’t need it on your phone but you get to your computer and its NOT THERE because you have iCloud so it deleted the photo everywhere?


YEAH! That happened.


So all of a sudden your funny little idea, while no less funny, is suddenly a colossal pain in the ass to write up?  DOES THAT HAPPEN TO YOU??????



It actually happens to me all the time because with my OLD email account I could just delete things.  I understand the word delete.  It pretty much means IT’S FUCKING GONE.  But with Gmail?  It says MOVE.  Move to where?  Or archive?  So sometimes I actually forget what I’m doing and I say move instead of what I would really like to do which is delete therefore SOMEWHERE there is a huge gathering of a bunch of shit I don’t want.



I find Gmail terribly confusing actually and what seems to happen is that I can NEVER find anything.  One of the problems is that I have too many email addresses.  One of those I’m losing tomorrow but the rest keep getting all mixed up with each other.  For example, I have a travel folder under my main address but also for some reason I also have one on my computer and sometimes I can’t remember which file I parked all my info under and then when I need it I can’t find it.  So you see? The more organized I am the less organized I am WHICH REMINDS me of something that will indeed take me WAY, WAY off topic.


Oh well, here we go.  Back in the day and I mean way, way back in the day when I worked for International Paper Company in New York City, I had a great system of organization.  I got my job at IP when I was 23 (I think…jeez that was so long ago) and I lived on my own and I had my job.  My system of organization was pretty simple.  In my apartment I had a box.  Yeah, a CARDBOARD box, and in this box I just put all bank statements and important things I had.


That way when I needed something important, really ANYTHING important, it would be in that box.  SIMPLE RIGHT?  At the same time I had an office on the 36th floor in the International Paper Company headquarters and of course in the office was my desk (I shared an office…it was really quite large with a view of Rockefeller Center and the Hudson River but I digress) and in my desk was a huge file drawer.


Now, I find file drawers to be annoying because in theory you have lots of files in them.  I however, decided it would be simpler to just have one file and put EVERYTHING that needed filing into that ONE file.


That way if you needed anything, it was SURE TO BE THERE.  Simple right?


This all worked perfectly until one Kevin MacDonald came into my life.  My methodology, which I may remind you worked perfectly for me, was against every engineering credo that had ever been drilled into him.


End result?  He organized me.  So as I sit here in my office with my 6 file drawers and my constant inability to find ANYTHING due to the filing system, I remember with nostalgia my incredible filing system, or lack thereof, of yesteryear.


Oh well!  So this wasn’t even the post I was going to write.  However, I will let this one stand on its own and go to a NEW document and write the original post that I intended.  See how my brain gets away with me?


File that one away will ya?

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  1. Eric
    February 19, 2012

    Heh. Yeah, I kinda know how you feel. Before I got married my filing system was: If it’s on top, it’s important. When it ceases to be important, it gets thrown in the trash. Poof. Easy.

    Now… I’m not allowed to throw ANYTHING away. It all gets stacked up and scattered around. AND I have two young children, so there’s ten fucking times the amount of shit that can be stacked up. And what’s important? I don’t know. I just work here.

    As for gmail… I kinda like it. Alot. I have a delete button… and there’s the option to undo once I’ve done it just in case I didn’t mean too. Which hasn’t happened yet. And I’m on the android. Which means I can talk to my phone, and send myself notes in e-mail, which I then get. I have like 30 new messages unread because they are all notes to myself.

    And instead of writing some idea I’d sent to myself which was so goddamn important I had to risk my life emailing by voice while in traffic, I’m cruising the blogs and basically dicking around.

    I just noticed… I need more beer.
    Eric recently posted..Dear Cheerios: I Am So Disappointed With YouMy Profile

    • Lynn
      February 19, 2012

      hahaha…what a great comment. thanks Eric

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