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In which i forgot about the milk


This morning I opened the refrigerator and I looked at the milk and there was one gallon in there with about an inch of milk in it.  The thing is, yesterday I bought a gallon of milk and you know what that means don’t you????


It means I left the fucking milk in the car overnight!!! I hate that!! Don’t you hate that? It doesn’t happen often but it happens occasionally enough that when I told Kevin he said “not again” implying that I’m a screw up.


Well, I guess he didn’t imply it but that’s what he thinks.  It all comes down to the back seat.  Now that I buy so few groceries I try to put them on the front seat.  That way when I get home I can actually see them so I take them out.


The problem with the back seat, especially with milk, is that you can’t always see it. Milk also has the tendency to migrate, at least in my car.  It rolls around back there like we’re playing hide and seek.


The weird thing is that I only had two bags yesterday and I thought I grabbed them both but obviously that wasn’t the case.


So I opened the refrigerator this morning and I only saw the one milk and I thought “shit, I bet I left it in the car” and after looking, sure enough there it was.


Yesterday it was fairly cold out so the milk was still cold so then we had the big debate about “is the milk still good?” or “is the milk spoiled?”  We decided to wait and see but then my brother Bruce called and said DEFINITIVELY that the milk was no good so I tossed it.


That means that today I have to buy some more milk and actually get it out of the car.


Of course, when this happens in the summer and it’s not just milk but meat or frozen stuff it’s worse but I hate that I do this.  I’m sure it’s quite common and milk is a tricky little thing isn’t it?


Well, that’s my news.  I’m off to run errands and buy new milk and HOPEFULLY get it inside.  What about you??

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  1. Dani
    March 31, 2014

    That is totes bullshit though. The milk is fine and you will be able to smell it if it goes off and how does he think they make cheese?

    Thank you.

  2. Julie
    March 31, 2014

    Having that happen in the summer sucks. The smell of sour milk almost puts me over the edge.

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