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In which i froze to death at the Patriots game

It seems like a week ago that I was at the Patriots game but it was really only 2 days ago.  Amazing.  So I told you about ESPN and I don’t know if I can really convey how cool that was.  Kevin didn’t really think we’d have the access that we did and he was really, really impressed.


Of course, being that he’s Kevin, he did remark that it was difficult to “watch” the show from the taping room.  That’s because you see them taping and then the stories are all on a feed from other sources so unless you’re watching what ESPN actually transmits out, you don’t see a lot of the show.


I felt the “cool” factor made up for the “lack of information” factor but Kevin wanted to know some of that.  After the game, we made our way up to Foxboro (Mass) where we would go to the Patriots game.  This is the part I was most nervous about.


Not only would it be cold but also it would be rainy.  I spent a lot of time trying to figure out “how not to freeze to death” in New England and for the most part I succeeded.  We had fantastic seats, courtesy of John Walsh and The New England Patriots but the weather was 34 and rainy.  Now normally that sort of forecast would keep me inside but because this day was about Kevin and Daniel, I brought a lot of warm stuff.


I brought waterproof snow boots and wool socks (unfortunately I took the wrong wool socks and they were miles too big for me) and I was wearing a PolarTec pullover under a PolarTec jacket underneath my huge rain jacket.  I also had gloves and a hat.  Technically, I was good to go.

Lynn Patriots

I got the tickets from will call and Kevin and Daniel went earlier.  Thank goodness we were staying at the Renaissance Hotel since it was “on premises.”  We were told to stay there so we wouldn’t have to mess with the car.  Amazingly enough, when we arrived 4 hours before the game, the place was already overrun with wildly drunk Patriots fans.


So Kevin and Daniel headed over and my goal was to get there before the game so I could see the program they were doing to honor the “Newtown” victims.  I began my trek and I felt like I was bundled up pretty well but I was already approaching miserable by the time I got to the stadium.  It was really raining hard and it turns out that my snow gloves are not waterproof.  It’s pretty easy to stay warm until you get wet and when your hands are wet, it’s pretty awful.


I finally got into the stadium and found Kevin and Daniel.  Our seats were excellent on about the 35-yard line and the 17th row.  Unfortunately, it was pouring and we ended up standing the entire game.  I say the entire game but by halftime my back and Achilles (remember I have an Achilles injury?) were killing me and I told the boys that I was out of there and would watch the rest of the game from the room.


In fact, the Patriots were playing AWFUL and they were turning the ball over again and again and San Francisco was killing them.


I walked back to the room and go all nice and cuddly and watched the rest of the game in warmth.  Kevin and Daniel stayed, however, for what turned out to be an extraordinary comeback.  Unfortunately, New England still lost but Tom Brady and his guys scored 28 points in a row to tie the game with 6 minutes left.


Kevin and Daniel said the stadium was rocking and I could hear the noise but on TV I could see the rain coming down and I don’t regret being a pussy.  While New England lost, Daniel and Kevin had a great time and got back to the room frozen and sopping wet.


All in all, a great day.


Observations on New England:  I have never seen people consume beer the way they did at that stadium.  I have been to Giants games and Jets games and Panthers games but this beer consumption was on an entirely different level.  Considering how damn cold it was, I couldn’t believe these people were sucking down so much cold liquid.


There were designated drivers available and I hope people utilized that because I really don’t see how people got home otherwise.


The people were happy and friendly in SPITE of the weather and it was fun being amongst some die-hard fans.  I’m sure I would have enjoyed the game more if I wasn’t so cold and I didn’t have to stand the entire time but it was totally worth it.


So there ya go…not so much for the funny as I was mostly attempting not to die, but a hell of a trip.



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  1. Susan from GA
    December 21, 2012

    What a phenomenal gift! How are you going to top it next year, Lynne!?!?!? ;)

    Susan from GA

  2. Julie
    December 21, 2012

    Never, ever, regret being a pussy.

  3. Amy
    December 21, 2012

    I don’t blame you, cold and raining is no way to watch a game.

    You should see how much beer is consumed at any stadium in Wisconsin…we are professionals.

    • Lynn
      December 24, 2012

      that, i don’t doubt

  4. MonicaC
    December 26, 2012

    I would bet money that the beer consumption did not rival the beer consumption at a Green Bay Packers game. I’m from Wisconsin. We’re not allowed to participated in drinking contests in other states.

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