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In which i got a shot in the arm … well, elbow

So this will be a short post because I just got a cortisone shot in my right elbow (painful) and the doctor told me not to do any of this (and then he wiggled his fingers like typing) so I said I had to write a blog post and he said I could do a “short one” so here I go.


This cortisone shot hurt like a sonofabitch and trust me; I’ve had 7 of them so that’s something.  Of course, it took forever so I had to sit there and try to stay calm and breathe deeply the entire time.  I thought I was ok until I stood up and started talking to the doctor (friend of mine.)


Me:      I think I’m going to pass out

Doctor:            sit down

Me:                  ok

Doctor:            could someone get her a cold washcloth … and some water

Me:                  I’m not feeling so well

Doctor:            adrenalin?

Me:                  yeah, stupid Vagus Nerve reaction

Doctor:            someone put her in a room to lie down

Me:                  this is ridiculous

Doctor:            it happens


And it does.  All the fucking time lately.  It happened twice when Keely was in the hospital and now it happens when I get a cortisone shot.  The minute something stresses my system and the adrenalin rises I start to pass out.


I can’t even tell you how inconvenient this is.  I go to help someone and I end up being the problem.  This happened once with Kevin.  He stood up too fast and fell down and I ran over to him and then he was fine but I had to go get in bed for an hour.


My hero complex is decimated, as it’s obvious I’ll never be the hero that I always envisioned I’d be.


Oh well, I guess this is getting a little long.  I’m okay now although my elbow hurts, my Achilles hurts and now my pride hurts.

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  1. The Real Supermum
    August 28, 2012

    Sorry and I know its bad but I had to laugh, my hubby is diabetic and injects 4 times daily with insulin yet a simple blood test and he too passes out. On a serious note I hope the pain stops soon and ouch elbow sounds nasty…
    The Real Supermum recently posted..My Baby Had Poo In His Lungs – An Unexpected Birth StoryMy Profile

    • Lynn
      August 28, 2012


  2. Mayor Gia
    August 28, 2012

    Ooof, that’s stressful! Hope the arm feels better
    Mayor Gia recently posted..Mayor Gia’s Creation StoryMy Profile

    • Lynn
      August 28, 2012

      thanks…slowly improving

  3. Dylan Lin Calista
    August 28, 2012

    :( Sorry to hear you’ve been in pain.

    Seems like we’re going through similar but I’m indulging in pain killers at the moment as much as I don’t like it.

    I hope you feel better soon. The pain can be such an inconvenience, yes. It interferes with even the littlest things.

    • Lynn
      August 28, 2012

      its frakking annoying

  4. Jess
    August 28, 2012

    Oh dear. Crossing fingers that the elbow and Achilles are better soon so you “only” have to deal with the anti-hero-reactions. In the meantime, I vote for a Firefly marathon and your favorite junk food…but that’s just me. :)
    Jess recently posted..My Dogs: Too Lazy To Rip Each Other’s Faces Off.My Profile

  5. Jester Queen
    August 28, 2012

    Oh no! The pride is the greatest wound of all. Hope the elbow gets better at least!

  6. Julie
    August 28, 2012

    As you know (having had 7 already) once the pain wears off the shot will be an elbow saver. FYI ~ If I passed out from stress and adrenilan, I would be in a coma.

  7. Emily Woodhouse
    August 28, 2012

    I am feeling sorry for you.
    Emily Woodhouse recently posted..Special Precautions when Using Moroccan Oil ShampooMy Profile

  8. Susan
    August 28, 2012

    As I progress through my 50’s I find that less and less on my body works as God intended (i.e. elbow and fainting). I can only imagine the deterioration in my 60’s….bleh.

    And…as always…enjoy your posts. You always make me lol. Thanks for that.

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