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In which i got some flowers

So I think you guys will enjoy this little story.


As you may or may not know, I turned 55 last Friday.  I wasn’t into having a big celebration or anything so I simply went down to Duke to have lunch with Andie.  Kevin and I aren’t really into a big production but to my surprise he did get me a gift.


He got me a week at a spa and set it up for the week after Labor Day.  I was pretty excited about that and a bit surprised.  Meanwhile, my sister-in-law Tessa picked up a pretty floral arrangement and dropped it off at my house. It was quite nice.


Imagine my surprise when, on Saturday, the doorbell rang and there was a delivery guy at my door.  I opened the door and he handed me a “strange” arrangement.  I say strange because there was a teddy bear made out of carnations and some other paraphernalia on it.  This isn’t the type of arrangement I ever get and trust me, I get very few flower arrangements.


Here’s what it looked like:


walt 1


Now Kevin was working out but I opened the card and it said the following:

walt 2
I read it and though “what the fuck” because Kevin and I don’t really speak to each other like that.  I mean, we’re not really that sappy and that isn’t really the type of arrangement I like so I was a bit flummoxed.


I forgot about it and later Kevin and I were floating in the pool and I said:


Me:                  so I was surprised about the flower arrangement you sent


Kevin:             what flower arrangement?


Me:                  the teddy bear/carnation one that I just got


Kevin:             I didn’t send you flowers


And then he burst out laughing and says one word: WALT!


Me:                  Walt?


Kevin:             OMG… Walt loves to do that to you


And it’s true.  Walt is Kevin’s second-in-command and he’s done it once before.  He once sent me roses on Valentine’s Day “FROM KEVIN” of course, and wrote a sappy note that time too.


He loves to make fun of Kevin and this time he decided to send flowers and a sappy note “FROM KEVIN” and of course, it was terribly funny.


Do you guys have a Walt in your life?


You need to.  Also, now I’m definitely going to play this game too.  Game on Walt!!  Can’t wait for your wife to start hearing from me!!!

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  1. LOVE this.
    Now tell me more about your spa trip!
    sisters from another mister recently posted..Through the eyes of a childMy Profile

  2. Julie
    June 25, 2014

    I want a Walt!!
    And by the way ~ what a great gift from Kevin. Lucky B*^ch. ;)

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