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In which i had a book tale


Hello people. So I meant to write a post before I went to LA but I never got around to it and then I meant to write a post while I was in LA but I never got around to it but now that I’m on the plane I’ve decided to do so.




Why am I sleepy? Because it took me 3 days to finally get on west coast time and then I had a 7:50 flight so I had to get up early to fly home, that’s why!


Also even though I got Premium Economy and it’s supposed to be 5 extra inches of legroom it doesn’t seem as if that’s the case and its difficult to type on this keyboard because my arms are all cramped up and not at the proper typing angle that I was taught in 11th grade when I took typing.


Why did I take typing? Because there was no such things as computers back then and all term papers had to be typed. It’s true young folks! I made money in college by typing up papers.


Anyways, back to my story. So I got to LA Friday and on Saturday Keely and her friend Jenna came to the hotel to lay out in the sun with me. It was hot and the pool was so very crowded that there were no chairs available.


Due to my awesomeness and ingenuity we FINALLY got 3 deck chairs and we were all set up. Keely and Jenna had some scripts to read so I got out my back. Keely inquired what book I was reading and I showed her and it was a Baldacci book, which is sort of a cop/detective type book. She said that was the kind of book that “dad usually read” and I asked her if she wanted the story of HOW I got that book and she did so you’d get it too!


Here goes:


Last week Kevin and I flew up to NYC for a wedding. We were in the Greensboro Airport before the flight and were looking at the “read and return” best sellers. I arbitrarily picked up some books and decided that one of them was really fat so it would be perfect. I hate skinny books because I read so fast.


I threw it in my bag (after paying of course) and it weighed a lead ton. Not the book; the bag. Then I got on the plane and played Candy Crush the whole way. When I got to NY, after retrieving my luggage, I slid the book, which I had not even touched, into the front pocket of my suitcase.


Then we went into the city and had our weekend. On Sunday I once again went to the airport and realizing that the flight to Portland was short I never even considered a book because, you know, CANDY CRUSH and stuff, and that was that.


Up in Maine I had a great time with my cousin and she said she had just read a really great book and I had to read it. I told her I had a book in my luggage but she said to read her book. The thing is, she had accidentally bought a large print book so I needed to finish it before I left so she could give it to her mom.


So I started the book, I AM PILGRIM, and it was indeed very good. But it seems as if it’s more difficult to read a large print book, especially if you’re sort of a speed-reader. As a result I wasn’t getting through it fast enough. At the end of the week when it was time for me to go I still had 200 out of 800 pages left.


I discussed the situation with Andie and we both agreed that it was “dad’s sort of book” so I decided to leave the massive and large sized print book up in Maine and if it was available at the airport in Portland I would buy it so that Kevin could read it to. I had considered downloading it on my iPad as well but then Kevin would still have to buy the book so that didn’t seem practical. Such dilemmas!


And what do you know? It WAS at the airport so I bought the book and read it the whole way home and when I got home Friday night I finished the last 30 or so pages and proclaimed it an “excellent read.”


Then I gave the book to Kevin.


So I bet you’re wondering WHAT this has to do with the Baldacci Book now aren’t you? On Saturday I starting unpacking my luggage and I was about to put the suitcase away and I realized that it seemed heavy. That’s because I had slipped my original book into the front pocket way back in New York. I open up the pocket and I take out the book and it’s I AM PILGRIM!




Kevin is all like “you’re an idiot” but honestly this type of shit happens all the time. But no worries because on Friday I’m flying to LA right? At the airport I go to READ AND RETURN and return I AM PILGRIM for ESCAPE by Baldacci and that’s the whole story.


By the way, go read I AM PILGRIM because it’s great and so far ESCAPE is good too.


Ok, I’m done now with this crap. Gotta read

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  1. chacha1
    September 10, 2015

    this totally sounds like something I would do. :-) sometimes it is just really hard to keep track of what I am reading!
    chacha1 recently officeMy Profile

    • Lynn
      September 13, 2015

      heh .. I wish i could say it’s never happened before

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