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In which i had a doctors appointment


Ugghhh…I just got home from a Pilates class and for some reason I was dying in there today.  It’s weird because it’s the exact same routine every single Wednesday and you would think that you would actually improve over time but that hasn’t turned out to be the case.


Yesterday I had my annual visit at the OB-GYN.  Well, for me it’s not really annual, it’s more like semi-annual, or is that biannual? I’m not sure but basically I go about every two years or so.  I’m pretty shitty about having those appointments.


First were the good times that we refer to as a “mammogram.”  I hear that if you have little boobs that it’s very painful but thats not actually a problem for me. I was hoping I’d have tons of little cysts so that they could just lop them both off but that didn’t happen.  I’m pretty much over having big boobs. They get in the way and I’m no longer concerned with my chest.


Then it was time for weight and height and basically, my BMI sucks.  I don’t even want to think about all that because it’s downright depressing.


Finally, we had all the other fun stuff like making sure your organs are still internal, (I suppose they are as I haven’t seen them) and Pap Smear and all that other shit.


Last, but not least, was the sit down with the doctor.  That’s always my favorite part:


Dr:                   Do you work out?


Me:                  constantly


(yeah he looked shocked…obviously I don’t look like I ever work out)


Dr:                   so no lumps or bumps in your breasts


Me:                  ok


Dr:                   thyroid felt fine, all that.  When is the last time you had your moles checked?


Me:                  never


Dr:                   ok, so that needs to be done.  How about blood work?


Me:                  no clue


Dr:                   ok, well it says you have a family history of heart attacks to that needs to be done


Me:                  yeah, I have 4 years left and then I will die


Dr:                   what?


Me:                  yeah my mom and my Aunt had heart attacks at 59 so I’m just planning on that


Dr:                   (pretty much speechless) well, if your marker is off we’ll send you to a cardiologist


Me:                  ok


Dr:                   I see you had a colonoscopy and will need another one next year


Me:                  no, I’m never having that done again


Dr:                   it’s only every 5 years


Me:                  shit! I thought it was every 10 years!  Absolutely not


Dr:                   how about bone density?


Me:                  how about it?


Dr:                   we need to check for it


Me:                  pretty sure both my bones and brain are quite dense


Dr:                   we will set that up along with the blood work


Me:                  good grief.  Wouldn’t it just be more efficient for me to die?


And then we discussed my kids whom he delivered.


Dr:                   sounds like they’re doing ok.  You must be proud


Me:                  not really, they never let me whine to them anymore


And then he booted me out because he probably decided that I really should have a heart attack and die.


That was my doctor’s appointment.  Man I really must be old as now I’m discussing DOCTOR’S APPOINTMENTS!

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  1. R.Meton
    December 10, 2013

    Next you’ll be telling everyone about the great parking space you got today. :)

    • Lynn
      December 11, 2013

      hahahaha…that’s so funny

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