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In which i have a fish storm


I’ve got a kid in the hospital, a kid in New Orleans and one who just graduated.  I have a dying dog and a stressed out husband. Yep, I have all that going on and do you want to know what the most stressful thing is? DO YOU?


It’s this damn fish tank.  You see, Andie has left me in charge of Gilgamesh (Gil) and Hercules (Herc) for the summer and she spent some time teaching me the in’s and out’s of keeping her fish alive.  She even set up an alert on my phone so I could change the filter every Saturday.


This was in an effort to keep the water from getting too cloudy because then you have to change out the water in the tank. Now normally that’s no big deal but the fish tank is in my office.  Now I feel this is a great location for the fish because it’s bright and sunny and I spend a lot of time in the office doing such things as stacking my paperwork into nice piles and then avoiding said piles.


It’s also where I wrote a book that needs a complete overhaul, so therefore it will probably sit in limbo.  But most importantly, it’s where Tucker and I spend much time on the computer (me, not him…he’s on his dog pad licking his ass…don’t ask me why), writing these posts and playing games (mostly mahjong) and surfing the web and what I’m probably best at, Googling random shit.


At any rate, having this sort of horrendous week wouldn’t you know that the water started getting cloudy on Tuesday?  Wednesday was a lost blur of “Keely crisis” but on Thursday I thought, “wow, that fish tank is getting pretty cloudy.”  So I took the desperate step of changing the water filter a day early, on Friday, in an attempt to stave off the burdensome task of changing out the tank.


Here it is on Saturday morning and guess what, the tank doesn’t look good.  I think it’s “change the water out day.”  Of course, it’s also “bring Keely home from the hospital day” and somehow, that seems far easier than this fish crisis.


Ever since Andie left, I look every day to make sure that I haven’t killed her fish yet.  Apparently, beta fish are much easier to keep alive.  These fish are not beta fish.  The beta version is always better than the first one.  The kinks have been ironed out by then.  That’s certainly true in computer programs and I would guess it’s the same in fish.  Hmmm … that’s something to ponder.


At any rate, as of 9:10 on Saturday Gil and Herc are alive but it will be my first solo changing of their tank.  I’d say wish me luck but you’re probably better of wishing them luck.


Let’s hear it for goldfish!!!


P.S.  I changed out the goldfish tank and guess what? I forgot to put water back in the pump and burned it out.  Now I have to get a new pump.  These fish are gonna kill me.

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  1. Mayor Gia
    June 12, 2012

    Oh no! Stupid pump. Those kinds of things are stressful. And not to be a jerk, but it sounds like fish are a lot of effort for little reward. I mean if it was a puppy or a kitten that played with you and LOOKED cute, that’d be different… :P
    Mayor Gia recently posted..Ducky and the Duck TrailMy Profile

  2. Annabelle
    June 12, 2012

    Good luck! I love their names, incidentally. Gilgamesh, in particular.

  3. Julie
    June 12, 2012

    My daughter brought home 2 beta fish a few weeks ago. They are on the kitchen counter and have somehow become my responsibility. Needless to say, the child is on my shit list.

  4. Jester Queen
    June 12, 2012

    I guess you have to choose between shitstorm and fishstorm. Oh. Wait. You don’t get to choose. You have both. Sheesh. Don’t you just feel like you won the lottery?! How’s Keely doing? Have they gotten her lung back in working order and unclotted her safely?

  5. carol
    June 12, 2012

    My cousin love to have a fish.Hope I can give him a gold fish.
    carol recently posted..Majestic Murano Glass Chandelier Rescued after EarthquakeMy Profile

  6. Melanie
    June 12, 2012

    See? People say fish are easy pets but I think about tank upkeep and I almost have a panic attack. I am surprised these kitties I took in to foster are still alive and healthy a year later. And I must say I’m really happy they go back home at the end of this month. I am NOT good with pets. I can barely keep my plants alive.

  7. Dylan Calista
    June 12, 2012

    I think it’s cute of your daughter to set up that alarm for you, haha. I do that to my Mom to remind her of stuff as well.

    It’s not easy having fish. I have a particular dislike for cleaning out aquariums because my Aunt used to force me to clean hers when I was a young teen. She had arowana fish back then. They were probably around 12-15 inches long. (She had two)

    Even though we kept the aquarium clean, the fishes used to jump out of their tank. We used to joke about it and say that the fish would rather DIE than live with my Aunt because she was just so mean spirited, haha. Since the fish kept ‘contemplating suicide’, my aunt had to cover the top part of the tank so they wouldn’t jump out.

    Needless to say, the fish endured quite a few years of her before they died…whether it was due to natural causes is unknown.

  8. Annie
    June 12, 2012

    We’ve had quite a few episodes with fish. The last guy we picked up at the Fair thirteen years ago. He lives for circling, much like a NASCAR racer. No castle, bridge to nowhere, or pebble…just the wide open spaces of a confined glass bowl. Thirteen years…and that’s saying a lot considering my oldest had a party and someone thought it would be great fun to fill his home with beer. I found him bloated and near belly-up, but he made it. A hearty fish. Glad your aunt covered the bowl. His body took a leap of faith, but it didn’t end so well.

    • Annie
      June 12, 2012

      That would be “buddy’ who took a leap of faith.

  9. Sarah Cohen
    June 20, 2012

    You really have a lot of things to accomplish. Oh, accomplishing those things really stressful. In fact, I really hate changing water from the aquarium.
    Sarah Cohen recently posted..Capsiplex and Weight LossMy Profile

  10. Kimberly Sewell
    July 5, 2012

    What a busy life you have right now. Handling those responsibilities are so stressful or nerve-wracking. I hope you can accomplish all your works.
    Kimberly Sewell recently posted..Anyone who suffers from arthritis should read thisMy Profile

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